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The Slider Saga (スライダー の サガ, Suraidaa no Saga) is a fanfiction that occured in many parts of the anime universe. Take note that this is a crossover fanfiction

  • Rate: T. contains mild violence. Not for children under 11 years of age.
  • Disclaimer: Fanfic for entertainment purpose only. I don't own any of the anime involved here.


Endou Mamoru and the rest of the Inazuma Japan are practicing for the match between them and Little Gigant. While they are practicing, they have the ball go outside and go diappear in mid-air.

"Where's the ball?" Endou asked. "I should find and pick it up myself..."

"Wait. We're the managers and we'll be the ones who pick it up, understand?" Aki shouted.

"Yes, I agree to Kino-senpai!!" Haruna shouted.

"Yes, I also agree!!" Fuyuka commented. "Um... Okay, fine... I'll pick it up..." Natsumi reluctantly replied.

"Oh, okay..."

While these four managers find the ball, they find themselves being sucked into a vast darkness, and got missing...

~A few hours Later~

"Where did they have gone to?" Kazemaru somehow find it weird that they have been gone for 3 hours, to be exact...

"Let's find them!" Gouenji replied.

Endou, Gouenji, Kidou, Kazemaru, and Fubuki finds them. Kogure searched for them to give them a nice prank, but it fails once everyone was somehow sucked into a vast darkness, and got lost into somewhere.

What happened?


Find it out in the chapters below.


  1. The Kindness of Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruna and Kidou(涼宮ハルヒの親切: 春奈と鬼道)
  2. The Fairy Tale: Natsumi and Gouenji (童話: 夏未と豪炎寺)
  3. The Bleachy Story: Aki and Endou (ブリーチー物語: 秋円と堂)
  4. The Fullmetal Challenge: Fuyuka and Fubuki (鋼の挑戦: 冬花と吹雪)
  5. The Pokemon Generation: Touko and Kogure (ポケモン世代:塔子と木暮)
  6. Inuyasha Adventures: Rika and Kazemaru (犬夜叉の冒険:リカと風丸)
  7. The Finale (終局)


  • I'll be releasing the 5th and 6th chapter in the same date as special chapters!!


--InazumaFan here!! (Know me) (Talk to me) (My Contributions) 11:32, July 9, 2011 (UTC)

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