WOOT! Havent Made A Fanfic For Awhile! Enjoy Guys!

Chapter 1:The First Step Toward's Revolution.

While Katzumaki And Kazumaki Are Walking To Kakumei Gakuen,A Boy Bumps Into them

Boy:Ow! *Falls To The Ground*

Katzumaki:*Falls Too*

Kazumaki:*Falls Aswell*

Kazumaki:"Hey Watch Where Your Going!"


Katzumaki:"Relax Bro,He Didnt Mean Too"

Kazumaki:"R-Right...Hey Sorry Kid"

Boy:"Its Alright" *Gets Up*

Katzumaki:"Whats Your Name Anyways?" *Stands Up And Helps Kazumaki Stand Up*

Boy:"The Names Sasuke Dark.Nice To Meet You"

Katzumaki:"Here Too.My Name's Katzumaki Kotora And This Is My Brother,Kazumaki Kotora"

Sasuke:"Cool.By The Way,Anyone Of You Know Kakumei Gakuen?"

Kazumaki:"Good Thing You Bumped Into Us,Cause Were Going There Right Now!"

Sasuke:"Really? I Heard Their Soccer Club Was Amazing! Im Joining There!"

Katzumaki:"Cool,Im The Teams Captain.Well Anyways Lets Go!" *Runs To The School's Gate*

Kazumaki:"Hey Wait!" *Follows*

Sasuke:*Follows Too*

When They Arrived At A Gate,A Girl Was Infront Of The Gate

Girl:"Hey! You Guys Are Late!"

Kazumaki:"S-Sorry Himemei.Eh Hehehe" *Sweatdrops*

Himemei:"Oh,Whos This?"

Sasuke:"Well Im Sasuke Dark,And Im gonna Join The Soccer Club!"

Himemei:"Well do Your Best.And Dont Try To Mess Up!" *Flames In Her Eyes*

Sasuke:"Y-Yes Ma'am..." *Sweatdrops*

The End

Woot! Hope Ya Like It! See Ya Laters!

"Im Gonna Reach For The Stars!...Although They Look Pretty Far~ 10:48, May 25, 2012 (UTC)

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