Chapter 2 : The Game

the day before the game...

"yo kagami-chan!" endou said to kagami as they were walking home from school. "e-endou-kun...what is it?" kagami said. "well, our team was thinking, do you wanna join the soccer club?!" endou said blushing.

"re-really? well...sure..."


"ok...what position am i in?"

"what do you want?"

&nbsp "umm...may i be defense?"

"oh, defense? what about forward or midfielder?"

"but you said i could choose?"

"a-ah...please!!! you're so good at striking!"


"ok then! oh yeah! tomorrow, we have a practice-match with hakuren! ya comin?"


"*runs home* alright kagami-chan! thanks! see ya tomorrow!!!"

" too...*waves hand*"

at Kagami's room...

"Hakuren...that's fubuki-san's school...Fubuki...*sigh*" kagami thought. "wonder what will happen tomorrow..." day of the game... "hello everyone! welcome to the match against hakuren and raimon! such a surprise! and it seems we have a new player now! number 18 forward, it's kagami shana! what will happen as a newbie will play one of the strongest schools in japan!?" the commentator said. "oh! kagami-chan's playing for raimon? well, this is surprising. still...i wonder..." fubuki thought as he saw her. "ALRIGHT GUYS! READY OR NOT! LET'S GO!!!" endou said to the team. "YEAH!" the team, except kagami replied back.

game time... "hey endou-kun! long-time no-see!" fubuki said to endou. "yep! let's give it our all today, 'kay?" endou replied. "yep." and those two laughed and shaked hands. then the referee blew the whistle. "PLAY ON!" referee said. while gouenji passed the ball to kagami, "hey kagami-chan! have we met before?" *kagami kicks ball going to the goal* "i'm not sure..." *passes to gouenji* "you look really familiar..." "i'm open!" kazemaru said. *passes to kazemaru* *both keeps running slowly* "really?" *kagami accidentally bumps into fubuki* "oh! and we have two players down!" said the commentator. "oww" fubuki and kagami said. *opens eyes* "fubuki!" "kagami!" they both said. "hey kagami-chan! you alright?" endou shouted out. "yeah...i'm fine..." kagami replied. *both stands up* "well...see you later..." kagami said to fubuki. "ka-kagami..." fubuki whispered. "PLAY ON!" referree said. kagami was already near the goal with the ball and then she shot it. "daruku kage!" kagami said as she shot it with her hissatsu. * goal keeper tries to catch with hissatsu but fails* "GOOOOOAAAAALLL FOR RAIMON!" commentator said. "woah...!" every one said, including endou. "hey kagami! that was SO COOL!" endou shouted out. gouenji looked at her with suspicion. " did she do that? what is she up to?" he thought. "ka-kagami-chan..." fubuki whispered. they kept playing and playing til the time was up...and it turns out that raimon won 8-5!

at the night...

fubuki raced onto kagami. "hey were so cool!" fubuki said to her. "fu-fubuki-kun...!" kagami said while she blushes, hugs him and cries. "e-eh...kagami-chan..." fubuki replied. he hugged her back and smiled. "what's wrong?' *kagami continues to cry tears of joy* "*smiles* it's ok...i'm here..." fubuki said and just smiled.

translations: daruku=dark kage=shadow

chapter 2 : end

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