Chapter it goes...

Chapter 1 : I'm Kagami...

"good morning class. today we have a new transfer student in our homeroom. her name is kagami shana." the teacher said. "good morning. i am pleased {C to meet all of you." kagami said. "wow she's pretty!" "yea i know!" some of them murmured amongst themselves. "Kagami-chan, you may sit next to endou mamoru." "okay." she sat beside him and then the next thing is that they were talking. "hey kagami! im endou." endou said to her. "oh hi there..." kagami replied softly.

"Im the soccer club captain!" "Oh is that so? that's nice... You know, i can play soccer too..." "Wow! really?" well why dont we play later?" {C "Sure thing. after school in the field right?" {C "yup!"

>class dismissed(it's lunch time)<

"Hey guys! i think we might have a new member again!" endou said to kidou, gouenji and aki. "oh really? that's great! who is it?" aki asked. "well, she's my {C new seatmate!" endou replied. they then ate lunch. at the canteen, they bumped into kagami. "ouch!" kagami said as endou and her bumped. "oh! hey there kagami! sorry!" "its fine..."

"kagami...she looks familiar." gouenji thought. "hey! why dont you eat with us?" endou asked. "no thanks." kagami replied as she walked away. "i wonder what's {C up with her." kidou said. endou and aki continue to eat. "HEY! ARE YOU GUYS EVEN LISTENING?!" kidou said. "oh sorry!" endou apologized. kabeyama saw them and told them something. "hey guys there's a soccer practice game between us and hakuren. fubuki told it to me."

"hey! that means fubuki's coming over to visit!" endou exclaimed. "any other things huh kabeyama?" "no. he just said he's looking forward to it." kabeyama replied.

>after school<

"hey kagami-chan! let's go!" endou told kagami. "o-okay..." kagami said in reply. They then reached the field. Then they started to play. "Ok Kagami! Let's play!"

" i go..." *shoots ball* * black snow flakes come out* "Majin the Hand!" *ball breaks majin* "woah!!!" "huh?" "hey kagami! how d'ya do that?!" "what?" "you know...that hissatsu you did just now!" "i don't know....i only know how to play ordinary soccer..." "doesn't seem like it!" "huh...really?" "yep! hey! why dont we give that a name?" "oh...well...o-okay." "Let's call it--"

"Kuro no Buizardo." megane suddenly popped out and suggested that. "eh-ehh! hey megane! don't just--" "it's a nice name..." kagami said. "o-oh really kagami- {C chan? well, ok then. we'll call it Kuro no Buizardo!"

AND SO THE STORY BEGINS...................

chapter 1 end

translations: >kuro=black


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