The Forest Hissatsu

The Forest!

The Forest
is a fanmade hissatsu made up by Kotoni~x. It is a defence hissatsu


Kobayashi Emiko


The user lifts His/Her arms in the air and sings a soft tune, suddenly a huge forest roots up from the ground. Big glaring eyes stare at the oppenent. It is kind of like the Wall and the Mountain but its more detailed.


In the second game it takes up 34 TP. In the third game, it takes up 32 TP. Kobayashi is the only one with this hissatsu.


  • Kobayashi means small forest putting the pun on the user.
  • It is like The Wall and The Mountain

Signature and Notes

  • This is a hissatsu made by me!
  • Feel free to use it in fanfics and others but please ASK First!
  • Dont copy! I wont be over the moon if you do!

Kotoni~x 17:22, June 5, 2012 (UTC) Now Panic and Freak Out! Kotoni~x Talk/Blog I'm not Messy, I'm Creative.

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