Chapter 1:

"Nano, how many times I need to call your name", Nano's mom said, "get up, you got school to go to, and its a new year and it's the first day of school!" When Nano got out of bed, she looked sad. "What's wrong?' asked her mom. "I had the wrost dream ever", replied Nano. "What was it about?" Asked her mom. "I don't remember, but..." "But what?" asked her mom. "It was like I was tied in a chair, in a dark room, alone, then I saw something moving towards me, and then when I looked closely, I realized that it was a soccer ball, but I was distracted by it, it hit my face." said Nano. "Ouch, did that hurt?" asked Nano's mom. "I don't know." answered Nano. "What do you mean: 'I don't know.' asked Nano's mom. "I didn't feel anything, but maybe in my dream it actually hurts." said Nano. "Anyways, I need to go to school. Bye, mom." "Bye, honey." yelled Nano's mom.

At School:

"Good Morning, Class. I hope you had a great summer!" said the teacher. "And, we have a new student, Konan." "Hello." The teacher leaned down to her and whispered: " That's all you got to say?" "Well...No." answered Konan. "Then go on." said the teacher. "And I am 10 years old." said Konan to the class. Then, the teacher got up and said: "Thank you, Konan."


While Class:

Nano was looking out the window and wondered: " What does that dream mean?" "Did it mean somehting or it's just a normal dream? Hmm..." "Nano, Nano, Nano!" yelled the teacher. "Yes, teacher." said Nano. "Read the second paragraph." said the teacher. "Ok". replied Nano. While Nano was reading, Konan giggled and looked out the window. Nano said in her mind: "Why is she laughing?" "Is she laughing at me?" "I know I'll ask her after class!" "And this time, she won't giggle or laugh!"

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