Chapter 18 of the fanfic; "Let's Play Soccer! The twisted Adventure!" Click the link for the summary X3


Gazel and Rese rushed forward!

"W-wait!!" Endou shouted as he wasn't ready.



The ball headed towards the goal!!!

"Fist of J-justice!!!"

"Nrrrrghhh! Come on!!!" Endou shouted as he nearly fell.


"We'll show you...the darkness of absolute zero!!" Gazel and Rese shouted.

"WELL, FINALLY!!" Nagumo shouted from the sidelines.

"Stop!!" Serra said as she stood up from the bench.

"I've benn thinking about this..long and hard. But I also wish to join Aliea...For power!!"

"What!? No!!!!" Endou shouted.

"Heh, too late, Endou! Gazel shouted.



"For this team, and the world! I'll stop this!! Fist of Justice!!!"

Endou sent the ball flying back!

"Your team needs an ace striker." Gazel bragged.

"Fubuki! We have Fubuki!" Endou replied, angrily.

"A Defender, trying to shoot? I'd like to see him try!" Rese laughed.

Fubuki's eyes turned yellow!

"I knew it.." Rese laughed silently.


Diamond Dust's goalkeeper stopped it with ease.

"Weak. You need someone like Gouenji." Rese said, trying to discourage Fubuki.

Fubuki's eyes turned blue. Just the way It was before. But now, it seemed dull. Fubuki fell down.

"FUBUKI!!!" The team shouted as someone...lurking behind was approaching.

It was a boy in a hoodie! The Flame Striker! Gouenji Shuuya!!

"Gouenji, you're in." Hitomiko announced.


Gouenji looked at Fubuki, and turned his attention to Diamond Dust.



There's the whistle! It ends in a tie.

Before they knew it....Diamond Dust disappeared.

Back at Aliea Academy.....

"Gazel, what in the world was that?! You said you'd avenge me." Rese laughed.

"Picking a fight..and end it in a draw..." Nagumo laughed along.

"This ruins your chance to have the Genesis title, sadly." Hiroto announced.

Everyone but Hiroto was shocked.

"Don't worry, Gazel, I'll avenge you." Rese laughed. "So, Serra, wanna join my team." Rese added..

"Yeah, of course." Serra replied.

"Not now. You're coming with me, Rese! Train with the Prominence team!" Nagumo said, dragging Rese to the soccer field.

"Nooooooo! I don't wanna!!! Serra, Gazel, Gran! Help meeeeeee!!!" Rese shouted.

Gazel was deep in shock. Unable to do anything.

"I don't wanna!!!" Rese shouted.

"But why did you play with Diamond Dust then, hm?" Nagumo answered back.

"Psh, I'd rather train with my own team.."

Rese and Burn were busy training!


"Too bad, deal with it." Nagumo said, using Atomic Flare.

"Finally..That's over.. Universe Elements! Let's practice! And beat Raimon down!!!"


Yep! Next chap. That team comes in!

Hope you like it!

Rese Prominence

Rese in Prominence. XDD

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