Akuji: Oh no Haruna will be here about one minutes

Akuji was getting a call

Akuji: With Akuji

Haruna: It's me

Akuji: Hi Haruna how are you doing?

Haruna: Well what can i say? i think Shirou will asking me to see his team

Akuji: So you gonna stay there for a while longer?

Haruna: Yeah

The call was ended


Everybody: Yeah!!!

Akuji: Alright dj play a romantic song

The romantic song was playing the boys and girls must choose a partner to dance

Kariya: Gemini would you dance with me?

Gemini was blushing

Gemini: Yeah

Aiden: Do you want me free companions in the party?

Loretta: Yes

Paolo: Damaris will you dance with me?

Damaris: Sure!

Akuji: Alright so i think i must ask Kyandi-chan

Akuji walks to Kyandi

Akuji: Kyandi will you dance with me?

Kyandi: Sorry your to late Akuji-san

Noah: Yeah she is with me

Akuji: Oh...have a fun....

Akuji walks out of his home and was standing outside

Akuji: How can i be this stupid i was to late to ask her!

Akuji picks up a soccer ball and was playing with an unknown guy

????: Bring it on! You heartless fool!!

Akuji: Grg.......

It was Akuji's kickoff

Akuji: Bring it on!


???? gets the ball but then he runs back and shoots at Akuji

????: Shin Bakunetsu Screw!!

Akuji: Whaaaaa!!!

Akuji was flowed away right to the goal

Akuji was coughing blood

Akuji: Kaguyo let's be one

Akuji became Kaguyo

????: You still can't defeat me! TIGER DRIVE!!!!

Akuji get hurt

Akuji Kaguyo: You don't have a heart

????: I'm not the one who is hiding his love for a girl

Akuji Kaguyo: can't..hold it...i was to much hurt

Akuji falled down

????: I think my mission is complete

???? was teleported but then for a while Noah and Kyandi where going outside

Kyandi: That was a good dance

Noah: Yeah it was fun!

But then they have seen Akuji down

Noah: Look Akuji is down

Kyandi: What he looks hurt

Kyandi: Akuji wake up!

Akuji wakes up

Akuji: Hello!!!

Kyandi slaps Akuji on the face

Akuji: Aw! That hurts

Kyandi: I was worried

Noah: I'll go to the party

Noah was going to the party

Akuji: So you was worried about me?

Kyandi: Of course i like you....

Akuji: I knew it

Kyandi: Hahaha

Akuji: Can i tell you something?

Kyandi: Alright

Akuji: I'll give you a sign

Akuji gives Kyandi a kiss

To be continued

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