Alpha: Who are you?

????: I'm Fey Rune!

Akuji: Who is that, Tenma?

Tenma: I don't know

Fey: My name is Fey Rune nice to meet you Tenma, Akuji!

Tenma&Akuji: How do you know my name!

Fey: You were the soccer hero's in our world!

Akuji: There can i live with

Tenma: Same

Alpha: I will play a last match with you all and then i will erase soccer

Akuji: Bring it on!

But then a girl appears and she looks familiar

Akuji: Wait is that you Kotoni?

Kotoni: Yeah

Tenma: Nice to meet you im Matzukaze Tenma!

Kotoni: Nice to meet you to

Akuji: Wait didn't your memory lost of soccer?

Kotoni: Yes but i have get it back

Akuji: Yes let's begin the match (Still weird of getting your memory back)

Fey: Team come now!

the team of Fey has appeared

Fey: We need first a name? What about Akuji's!

Akuji: NEVAH!!!!

Kotoni: He is right

Fey: Um.......What about TENMA'S

Akuji: Yeah there can i live with :D

Kotoni: Same :D

Tenma: Hey!

Akuji: No time we need to defeat them

Alpha: Protocol Omega let's begin!

Akuji has the kick off

Akuji: Out of my way you little freaks!

Akuji gets past them but they were doing nothing

Akuji: Tenma!

Akuji kicks the ball to tenma but then Alpha used his sliding and gets his ball

Alpha: Hmph!

Kotoni used sliding but fails but then Alpha shoots


Machos caught

Machos: Kotoni!

Kotoni gets the ball

Kotoni: Akuji let's use a combo hissatsu!

Akuji: Alright! Kaguyo it's time!

Akuji becomes Kaguyo

Tenma: I've never seen this before

Fey: He has an another person inside but they have became one!

Kotoni: Ryuusei!

Akuji Kaguyo: STRIKE!!!! Smile you're turn

Smile: Right captain! Bouncer RABITTO!

Reiza stops the ball

Akuji Kaguyo: Impossible!

Reiza: Alpha!

Alpha gets the ball

Alpha: Let's use it!

Reiza: Let them see you're power Alpha-sama

Akuji Kaguyo: XD Alpha-sama HAHAHAHA

Akuji: Atomikkuhito DRAGON ACE!

Alpha: Tenkuu No Shihaisha Houou! ARMED!
Inazuma Eleven GO CS (イナズマイレブン GO) - Tenkuu no Shihaisha Houou01:14

Inazuma Eleven GO CS (イナズマイレブン GO) - Tenkuu no Shihaisha Houou

Alpha and Akuji's keshins where battling but Alpha was to strong

Akuji Kaguyo: Whaaaaaa!

Tenma: Akuji-san!

Akuji turns normal

Fey: Bring it on!

Fey used sliding but Alpha blocks it

Alpha: Shoot Command 01!!!!

Matchos has no chance to use an hissatsu


Matchos: Tenma!

Tenma gets the ball


Tenma used his keshin armed

Akuji: Atomikkuhito DRAGON ACE! ARMED!

Akuji using his keshin armed

Akuji: Tenma let's use a new hissatsu!

Tenma: But we don't have one?

Akuji: Then we create one with our four

Tenma: Alright!


Kotoni&Fey: HAYT!

Tenma,Kotoni,Fey and Akuji: New Hissatsu shot: Eternal FLAME BREAK!!!

Zanou: Shoot Command 03 <Down Shout>

but it fails


Akuji: Nice!

Alpha gets the kick off

Alpha: Tenkuu No Shihaisha Houou! ARMED!

Akuji: Fey your turn Kotoni you to!

Kotoni: But i don't have the power to use the keshin armed

Fey: Same here


Kotoni: We have no choice

the the first half match ended but then a teddy bear appear

????: Hey! Tenma and Akuji-kun!

Fey: Hey pedo bear

????: Don't call me that! my name is Clark wonderbot!

Akuji: Cool!

Clark: Fey let's fuse you and you're keshin

Fey: Me b-but i can-can't do i-it

Clark: You can do it!

Fey fused with his keshin
Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stone Fey fused with Kyouryuu01:26

Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stone Fey fused with Kyouryuu

Akuji: WOW O_O You're brown!

Fey punched Akuji on his head

Everybody starts laughting

Akuji: Aw what was that for


Akuji: Alright

the second half begins but Kotoni is afraid that she will fails to fuse with her keshin (I mean to use the keshin armed)

Alpha gets the kickoff

Alpha: Reiza!

Alpha kicks the ball to Reiza but Fey used sliding and gets the ball

Fey: Kotoni!


Fey passes to Kotoni but she is still afraid to fail

Kotoni: Uh? Oh sorry guys!

Beta: Bring it!

Kotoni gets past of Beta

Kotoni: Chuujistu Z hime! ARMED!

Kotoni used his keshin armed
Kira Kotoni in Keshin Armed

Its not Exactly Armor but uh well....

Akuji: Wow......she is hot in that keshin armed

Tenma: Absolutly

Fey: I want her!

Kotoni: C'mon guys let's use the hissatsu again!

Everybody was stopped by his dreaming and used there hissatsu

Tenma,Kotoni,Fey and Akuji: New Hissatsu shot: Eternal FLAME BREAK!!!

Zanou: Shoot Command 03!!!!

It fails but then Alpha came and trys to stop the ball

Alpha: To strong.....can't...hold it

Alpha fails


Akuji: YATTA! But she looks still hot in her uniform

Tenma: Dude i'm going to ask her for a date

Fey: Not if i'm faster!

The boys where fighting for a date with Kotoni

but then a dude with a purple capes appeared

????: Hey babe still gonna be in our date

Kotoni: Yeah sure Tsurugi

Akuji, Tenma, Fey: WHAAAAAAT

The sweatdrops where going hand in hand back to there own dimension

Akuji: This is sooooo going again in facebook! (Wonders what Yuuichi will say):D

To be continued :D

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