Akuji's Keshin Armour

Akuji Tsukiakari Using His Keshin Armour

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Akuji : Uhm Haruna can i ask you something ?

Haruna : Yeah sure

Akuji : Am i actually you're real brother ?

Haruna : Why are you telling me that ?

Akuji : Because i don't seem like you

Haruna : Do you wanna know the real story about you ?

Akuji : So you lied to me

Haruna : Yes but do you really want to know the story ?

Akuji : Yep

Haruna : Ok it was a late night. Someone knocked on the door, my mother has opened the door. My mother saw you're real mother and you when you where little, you looked exactly like you're mother,Nice kind and 1 color of you're hair. She had beutiful red hair long. You're mom left you with us .You're mother was going to you're father to ask him something about you're information. It was raining in the dark you're mom drived in her car, she was driving and collided to a a tree, and escaped to some place but nobody saw her again.

Akuji : O_O my own mom left me...

Haruna : It was hard to tell you

Haruna : That's why i said that you're my own real brother because you was just like my older brother Kidou

Akuji : So i'm kind of you're little brother right

Haruna : Yes that's why i'm cared you as my brother.

Haruna : And that was the story of you're real parents actually you're mom

Akuji : I have you and my teammates

  • Akuji cried and said it again*


Haruna : Yes !

That was it !

i know it's bad because i'm busy

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