Akuji : Whoaaaaaa. What a beatiful morning

Haruna : Akuji get ready to find you're last player !

Akuji : But you said :'Take you're time'

Haruna : The boss of the stadium said that the match will be previously

Akuji : I have no seconds to lose !

Haruna : Wait, don't you want you're dinner

Akuji : No i will pick up my money on the kitchen, that i have saved

Haruna : Ok good luck Akuji !

  • Akuji is running and collides at a boy and a girl*

Akuji : Damn not again my head aw !!

Aki : Sorry for that !

Akuji : No problem can happen

Jason : Sorry for that to

Akuji : No problem

Aki : We are looking for a club called : The Blue Flames

Jason : We want to join the club cuz i heard, they was looking for players

Aki : And we love soccer and we are talented with soccer

Akuji : Serious do you want to join my club !

Jason : Wait is that you're club

Akuji : Yeah

Aki : Then you're name is Akuji

Akuji : Yes !

Akuji : I have not much time so you 2 are accepted

Aki&Jason : Yeah !

Akuji : Yes come with me to the stadium

Aki : Ok so or first meeting and we are going to play football with a team

Akuji : Just come !

Jason : Ok

  • Akuji,Jason and Aki are running to the stadium*

Akuji : Finally we are here

Aki&Jason : Wow it's HUGE

  • Haruna sees Akuji*

Haruna : Come Akuji you're team is ready

Akuji : Ok give me the uniform

  • Haruna gives Akuji the uniform*

Akuji : Yes our first uniform

Haruna : You two come here and get you're uniform

Aki&Jason : Yes, coach !

  • Akuji and Jason are done with the uniform*

Akuji : Are you done, Aki !

Aki : Almost...done !

Haruna : Team Akuji is you're new captain

Akuji : Yes. Ok team are you ready ?

Everyone : Yeah !

Akuji : Ok let's defeat Shuriken Jr. High ! (Sengoku Igajima)

Everyone : Yeah ! Captain

Akuji : (My dream is coming out Grandpa)

Kirigakure : I don't think so

Akuji : What !

Kirigakure : You can't get past of my speed

Akuji : let's see about that !

Kirigakure : You will be crying when we are defeating you !

Akuji : Damn ! you will get that back let's begin !!


[hide]*1 The Blue Flames :

The Blue Flames :

1.Kobayashi Lakuma(GK)

2.Tanatat Limkaweeratanawatee(DF)

3.Tadashi Tagai(Fire)(DF)

Logo akujiBurn

The Blue Flames

4.Eliza Verko(Light)(DF)

5.Kazuka Makuno(MF)

6.Rese Hanikamiya(MF)

7.Mikuzi Koyuga(MF)

8.Serra Ryuuji(FW)

9.June Kiyama(FW)

10.Akuji Tsukiakari(FW/Captain)

11.Izayoi Reina(FW)

12.Jason FireBlaze(FW)

Sengoku Igajima :

10.Kirigakure Saiji (FW / Captain)

6.Fuuma Koheita (MF)

3.Kousaka Jin (DF)

1.Momochi Santa (GK)

2.Fujibayashi Nagato (DF)

Sengoku Igajima emblem

Sengoku Igajima

4.Ishikawa Goeta (DF)

5.Jiraiya Gamasuke (DF)

7.Hatsutori Hanzou (MF)

8Kouga Gen (MF)

9.Sarutobi Sanosuke (MF)

11.Yagyuu Juurou (FW)

12.Kido Yamon (GK)

The startEdit

Everyone (The Blue Flame) :

Sakka yarou

Everyone (Sengoku Igajima) :

ZE !

To Be Continued

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