Hakuryuu :Counter attack White Hurricane

Akuji :What the...

Jason :Burn the HANDO!

Jason caught the ball

Jason : Hmph is that everything you have, now Haruka-chan

Haruka gets the ball

Haruka : Andy-kun!

Haruka kicks the ball to Andy

Andy :Nice assist

Onizuka :Air Bullet!

Andy :Not so fast, Hikari!

Andy kicks the ball to Hikari

Hikari :Sonic Flare!

Hebino :Serpant Fang!

Hebino caught the ball

Hebino :Even my training is harder then that, go Kiya

Kiya gets the ball

Kiya :Captain!

Hakuryuu gets the ball

Hakuryuu : Shuu let's do...

Akuji used sliding and gets the ball

Akuji :Hikari!

Hikari :Hayt!

Akuji :Fire..

Hikari :Tornado!

Akuji&Hikari :Double DRIVE!

Hebino :Serpant Fang!

Goal 1-0 for the black flames

Akuji :Good work!

Hikari :Thanks!

Hakuryuu :It's time Shuu

Shuu :Let's do this!

Hebino : Hakuryuu, Shuu

Hakuryuu gets the ball

Hakuryuu :Zero


Jason : Burn The Hand! What is this power!??! it's 100 times stronger then the first one! Wha!


Akuji :How did he hissatsu get stronger!!

Hikari :They were testing us again

Hakuryuu :That's right

Shuu :We will win against you!

After 20 minutes team zero had made 19-10 against Black Flames

Akuji :how cud they win from us?

Hikari :Impossible

Aiden :This can't be?!

Hakuryuu :Bound Flame!

Jason was wounded by every shot

Jason : Burn the HANDO!

Jason failed

Jason: WAAA

Goal 20-10

At that time Akuji was in another dimension

Akuji :Where am i?

???? :You are in you're hart

Akuji :Kaguyo

Kaguyo :Defeat those bastards

Akuji :But i can't they are powerfull then us

Kaguyo :You can do it! we must become one

Akuji :Let's do it then

Kaguyo's mind was now in Akuji's hart

At the field Akuji stand up, Akuji's pupil was gone

Akuji :I'll get you for this....Grhh..WHAAAAAA!!!!

Akuji :Kaguyo!

Akuji was full of power everybody was suprised


Shuu : What is this!

Akuji's eyes was now Grey, Yellow and Blue

Akuji Kaguyo :Meet my Kaguyo form (So cool)

Haruna :Use you're keshin!

Akuji Kaguyo : Atomikkuhito DRAGON ACE!

Hikari and the other player stands up

Hikari :Shouri no Megami Nikè!

Akuji Kaguyo :Aurora Blast!

Hebino :Serpant Fang! What is this power?!?

Akuji Kaguyo: Atomikkuhito Dragon Ace :Powered up hissatsu

Hebino :NOOOO

Goal 20-11 for team zero

Akuji Kaguyo :Take that!

Hikari :Nice!

Akuji Kaguyo :Thanks

Hakuryuu has the ball

Hakuryuu : Shuu

Hikari :To late

Hikari gets the ball

Hikari : Sasuke!

Hikari kicks the ball to Sasuke

Sasuke :Akuma No sharin! Aiden let's do this

Aiden : Ok, Loretta-chan!

Loretta :Hayt!Bakunetsu...

Aiden : BEAST!


Akuji and Kaguyo Became one (Only in a match than can kaguyo and akuji be one(This was my old style of anime)

Akuji Kaguyo: Alpha Strike!

Hebino :Crystal Barrier!

Hebino caught the ball

Hebino :Yuuki

Yuuki gets the ball

Yuuki :Kibayama

Kibayama gets the ball

Kibayama : Gallop BUSTU!

Jason :Alright Burn the Ha....

Aiden : Land of ICE!

Aiden gets the ball

Jason :Thanks

Aiden : Panther Bli...

Hakuryuu used Sliding tackle

Hakuryuu : Bound Flame!

Jason : Burn the Hand! G2!

Jason caught the ball

10 minutes later it was 25-25

Akuji Kaguyo :Let's do this Atomikkhito Dragon Ace!

Hikari : Shouri no Megami Nikè!

Jason coming forwards

Jason :Come Kyūkyoku no hi-nushi!

Hakuryuu : We can't let this happend Seijuu Shining Dragon!

Shuu : Ankoku Shin Dark Exodus Keshin!

Hakuryuu&Shuu : FUSION into Sei Kishi Arthur!

Akuji Kaguyo,Hikari and Jason: Keshin Fusion!

Akuji Kaguyo :Into Kyūkyoku No Megami Heat Dragon! (It means Ulitmate Goddess Heat Dragon)

Hakuryuu : Sword


Akuji Kaguyo :Eternal

Hikari :Golden

Jason :STRIKE!

The keshins were fighting but the three warriors improved to be stronger

Akuji Kaguyo :Alpha STRIKE!

Hakuryuu :To strong can't hold it!

Shuu : My leg!

Akuji Kaguyo,Hikari and Jason : V3!!!!

The shot was amazing strong

Hebino :Use the ultimate technique wait what the...


Noah became mad

Mad Noah :Mad art: Nightmare ACT!

Hebino :Crystal Fang! WHAAAAAAAAA!

To Sakuma

Sakuma :So Haruna i think you will be back at the team?

Haruna :No i will be there manager!

Sakuma :So i will be still the coach of this team

Haruna :Yes

Sakuma : Alright

To the match



Akuji became normal

Akuji :We won!

Aiden : Yes!!!

Hikari : YATTA!

Sasuke :Good work!

Hakuryuu : Bound Flame!

Hakuryuu shots the ball to Akuji

Akuji :Kaguyo!

Akuji catched the ball easily with one hand

Akuji Kaguyo :Hmph

Hakuryuu : How can this be!

Akuji :You need more to practice, dude

Shuu : He is right

Hakuryuu :We will meet again

Team zero dissapeared

Akuji :Let's go and finish this with a party!

Everybody : YES!

Thanks everybody

thanks everybody this is the last episode of the blue flames i hope everybody has enjoyed the chapter and i hope that you will still reading my fanfics :D


When this episode is finished i will make a season 2 so please wait this will be taking much time and thanks for reading :)

Update 2

The next season of the blue flames will be not in this wiki but will in my own wiki so here is the link

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