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Bring it on!

Tanatat : Elemant Nature BREAK!


The Unlimited Shining : When Hakuryuu is glowing then he will play serious in the match

Hebino : Serpant Fang!

GOAL 2-2 !!

Tanatat : That's How the best of Japan plays

Hakuryuu : It won't ends like this! White HURRICANE!

Akuji Becomes Kaguyo

Akuji Kaguyo : Counter Attack Zero CANNON!

Akuji did it and shots it back to Unlimited Shining goal

Hebino : WHAA it's to FAST


Akuji turns normal

Akuji : Alright take this to challenge the best of Japan

A girl comes to us

Hikari : Good work!

Akuji : Are you to where invited to this expedition?

Hikari : Yeah, you to?

Akuji : This was all a trap

Hikari : We have defeated Ancient Dark there captain was Shuu

Hakuryuu : So you have met my new partner?

Akuji : What ?!

???? : It's right

Hikari : Shuu!

Shuu : Missed me?

Akuji : What is this nonscense!

Hakuryuu : This was all planned

Akuji : How do you mean?

Hakuryuu : We gonna combine our team to TEAM ZERO!

Shuu : You will lose

Hikari : Let's combine our team to!

Akuji : Alright!

Hikari : Let's call it the Blue Hawks?

Akuji : Are you kidding me?

Hikari : What about Black Flames

Akuji : Sounds cool!

???? : May we join

Akuji : Always Aiden

Aiden : Nice to hear that!

Sasuke : Let's play as old times!

Hikari&Akuji : Let's do this!

Akuji : Wait do they have a old man in them team?

???? : Call me Kibayama you're defeater!

Hikari : Bring it!

Sakuma : WAIT! There is someone coming!

Kibayama : What are you doing here!

???? : I don't wanna work for you

Akuji : This can't be!!

???? : Hi kiddo!

Akuji : Haruna you're still ALIVE!

Team : Coach HARUNA!

Akuji hugs Haruna

Akuji : I missed you so much!

Haruna : Sorry that i leaved you it was hard to explain to you

Akuji : What was the problem?

Haruna : I was working for them as team zero's coach. But when i saw you playing soccer and i was you're coach, I did not tell you or I would hurt you a lot and I had to leave you so i must die to leave i know it was hard for you to see it

Akuji : Ok i'm happy that you're still alive!

Akuji hugs Haruna more

Haruna : Alright captain let's begin the match

Kibayama : You wouldn't expect this!

Kibayama used a mechanic hand to slam Haruna

Haruna : Oh no!

Akuji : Kaguyo! Eternal FLAME STORM V2!

Akuji protects Haruna with Eternal Flame Storm

Kibayama : This can't be!

The mechanic hand was broken by the shot

Haruna : Thanks, Akuji

Akuji turns normal

Akuji : Let's do this!

Akuji : Jason you will replace Kobayashi!

Jason : Ok!

Akuji : Sasuke you will replace Eliza

Sasuke : Yes!

Akuji : Let's begin the match!

The match started and Hikari gets the ball

Hikari : Akuji!

Hikari kicks the ball to Akuji

Akuji : June!

Akuji kicks the ball to June

June : Nice assist

Shuu : Machine Gun Beats!

June lost the ball

June : whaaa!

Sasuke : Take this Seinaru Shouheki !

Sasuke gets the ball

Sasuke : Akuma no Sharin! Hikari let's use a combo hissatsu with Noah!

Hikari&Noah : Yes

Hikari : Golden Victory Shot!

Noah becomes mad

Noah Mad : WHAAAAA Mad Art : Nightmare Act!

Hebino : Serpant Fang!

Hebino gets the ball

Hebino : Hakuryuu!

Hakuryuu : BOUND FLAME!

Akuji : Arrow Flame V3

Arrow Flame V3 failed

Akuji : Whaaaa

Serra : Time Travel!

  • Serra got the ball*

Yuuki : Overdrive

Serra lost the ball

Yuuki : Shuu, Hakuryuu !

Shuu&Hakuryuu : HAYT!

Hakuryuu : Seijuu Shining Dragon!

Shuu :Ankoku Shin Dark Exodus!

Hakuryuu : Sword...


Jason : Burn The HANDO!

Akuji : WHat he learned a new hissatsu!

Jason got the ball

Jason : Hmph is that everything Akuji!

Akuji : Moon BREAKU, Sasuke you're turn!

Sasuke : Akuma no sharin

Hakuryuu : Counter attack White Hurricane!


Hakuryuu : Shuu

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