After the last episode Akuji has fond out who the alien is it was Aiden the strongest alien

Hakuryuu Captain of Unlimited Shining

the planet, he was onder control when, Akuji def eated him in a battle they have splitted there way. Akuji and his team where still practicing for waiting for them next oppenement there new adventure is starting right now!

Akuji : Coach Sakuma who is our next oppenement ?

Sakuma : Let's see....whe have defeated them all

Akuji : YES!!!

Sakuma : (Still something tells me we are not done yet)

  • A guy with a dark cape appeared*

???? : Hello

Akuji : Hello who are you?

???? : I'm Sorukia i want to say something to you're coach

Akuji : Alright Coach Sakuma! a unknown guy wants to talk with you!

  • Sakuma is coming*

Sakuma : Yeah what is ?

Sorukia : We have an expedition for you're team

Sakuma : We have no time for you're expedition

Sorukia : Do you wanna see Haruna back?

Akuji : H-H-Haruna is she st-still alive?

Sorukia : Maybe if you going with us to the expedition you will see it

Sakuma : Akuji he want to joke us and to send us in his trap

Akuji : Ok coach but if Haruna is there?

Sakuma : Who knows?

Akuji : We accepted you're offer

Sakuma : Akuji You know that he will send us to a trap?

Akuji :I want to see Haruna back

Sorukia : Alright come to our bus

  • The team is in the bus*

Sakuma : Alright let's go ( I have a bad feeling about this)

Akuji : Kazuka?

  • Kazuka was sleeping*

Akuji : How can you slee.....p in thi..........

  • Akuji and the rest of the team was sleeping*

Sorukia : Just like our plan >:)

  • After the bus they have arrived*

Akuji : it..?

Sorukia : You're in our football field you must fight Unlimited Shining and then Ancient Dark

Akuji : And if we won?

Sorukia : Who knows you will maybe see Haruna?

Akuji : Ok let's do this! Come on team!

Team : Yes !

Hakuryuu : Hahaha this will be getting interested!

Akuji : Give it you're all!

  • Match started and Izayoi has the ball*

Izayoi : Let's do this

Hoda : Strong Tower!

  • Izayoi lost the ball*

Hoda : Hakuryuu!

Hakuryuu gets the ball

Hakuryuu : Seijuu Shining Dragon!

Akuji : Atommikuh Dragon Ace!

  • Both of them are fighting*

Hakuryuu : DIE!

Akuji : WHat the! WHAAAAA

  • Akuji failed*

Hakuryuu : Storm Hurricane!

Kobayashi : Mega ZA HANDO!

  • Kobayashi failed*
  • Goal 1-0 for Unlimited Shining*

Kobayashi : To strong

Akuji : Don't worry Kobayashi!

Kobayashi : Alright Kazuka!

  • Kazuka gets the ball*

Kazuka :......

Nitta : You're not gonna score !!

Nitta use Strong Tower but failed

Kazuka : Hahaha failed action my friend

Akuji : Kazuka!

  • Kazuka kicks the ball to Akuji*

Akuji : Nice one!

Hakuryuu : Bring it

  • Akuji dodges Hakuryuu*

Hakuryuu : How can this be?

Akuji: Whahaha

Seidou : Berserker Diaberu!

Akuji : Atomikkuh AngelFalco!

Seidou : What an older version of the keshin before?! WHAHAHAHAHA this is easy

Akuji : I don't think so Eternal Flame Storm!

Seidou failed

Hebino : I will don't use an hissatsu

Hebino catched the ball only with one hand without an hissatsu

Akuji : What who are those monsters

Sakuma : Hmmm who is that coach?

Hakuryuu : Now Seijuu Shining Dragon! White BREATH!

Akuji : Arrow Flame V3!

Arrow flame failed

Akuji : Damn!

Kobayashi : God Hand Tiger Fist G4!

Kobayashi failed

Kobayashi : Whaa!


Hakuryuu : Fighting with the best of japan is an easy match

June : What did you say!

Akuji : Calm down, June

June : Sorry Captain

Akuji : No problem

Akuji : I must use it!

Hakuryuu has the ball

Hakuryuu : Bring it

Akuji : Kaguyo!

Akuji becomes Kaguyo and his eyes where glowing yellow


Hakuryuu : BOUND FLAME!

Akuji Kaguyo stops the ball

Akuji Kaguyo : WHAAAAA Aurora Blast!

Hebino : What the NO!


The first half match is done

Akuji Kaguyo : YATTA !

Jason : Good work, Captain

Akuji Kaguyo : Thank you

Hakuryuu : How can this be!

Akuji Kaguyo : Meet my Kaguyo Eye!

Hakruyuu : That eye!

Hakuryuu : Coach is that?!

Coach : Yes, Hakuryuu

Hakuryuu : Hmph Interesting now you will see my real play! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Akuji Kaguyo : WHat the heck!

Hakuryuu : Meet my real play of soccer

Akuji Kaguyo : Let's see it

Match begins and Hakuryuu has the ball

Hakuryuu : Let's see this!

Hakuryuu's speed is faster then before and get's past of of everbody except Kobayashi

Kobayashi : Bring it

Hakuryuu : BOUND FLAME!

Kobayashi : God Hand Tiger Fist G5

Kobayashi gets the ball

Kobayashi : Rese!

Rese got the ball

Rese : Bring it

Hodo : Strong Tower!

Rese gets past of strong tower

Rese : Fire Strike! Captain let's use an combo hissatsu

Akuji Kaguyo: Right !

Akuji Kaguyo : Atomikkuh Dragon Ace! Zero CANNON! Tanatat it's all up to you!

Tanatat : Elemental Leaf BREAK!

To Be continued

This is specialy to all the players who are in the team : THANKS FOR EVERYTHING and for that i will make the second chapter today 2 :D

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