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The Blue Flames Chapter 1 : The Begining

Akuji : Haruna i'm going to ask people, who wants to join my team and then i will go training

Haruna : Ok be careful with ur training

Akuji :'Be careful', who are you my mom ?

Haruna :I'm you're big sister(Not in real)

Akuji : Ok bye

Haruna : Bye

  • Akuji is asking people to join who wants to join for his team*

Akuji : Damn nobody wants to join

  • Akuji is walking to the football field*

Akuji : Oh look guys who playing football i'm going to ask that they will join my club

Akuji: Hey ! can u join my club

? 1 : No

Akuji : But...why ?

? 2 : Because this is our football field, so go away !

Akuji : Wait what if we play football, and i won can u give us the football field back

? 2 : And if i won ?

Akuji : You can take my candy

? 1 : Ok

Akuji : 2 vs 2 its that fair enough ?

? 2 : Yeah i will kick you're butt to some where u wouldn't come back

Akuji : Hey ! can you join me ?

Aiden : Who i ?

Akuji : Want to join me for 1 match against those, guys

Aiden : No i can't because those guys, have strong hissatsu tecnique

Akuji : Come on ! i will help you

Aiden : Only this time, next time i wouldn't help you anymore

Akuji : Alright !

Akuji : We need the name of those guys ? What's you're name ? and that from you're friend ?

Mark : My name is Mark the master of this field, and my friend's name is Tachimukai

Akuji : Let's give it us all !

Aiden&Akuji : YEAH !

  • The match is going to start Aiden has the ball*

Akuji : Here !

  • Aiden kicks the ball to Akuji*

Akuji (GK&FW) : This is good enough

  • Mark gives a sliding tackle and get the ball*

Akuji (GK&FW) : This is not good

Aiden(GK&FW) : Ice Ground !

  • Aiden got the ball*

Akuji(GK&FW) : Good work Aiden !

  • Aiden is using EternalBlizzard to kick the to Akuji*
  • Akuji used Alpha Strike to make a goal*

Akuji&Aiden : GO IN !!

Tachimukai : Now it's time for my strongest hissatsu, MAO THE HAND !

  • Tachimukai got the ball*

Akuji(GK&FW) : Damn we just got 25 minutes to end this

Aiden : I wil to this

Akuji (GK&FW) : i will help you

  • Mark got the ball*

Mark : Ok now Unicorn Boost ! let's do this

Akuji (GK&FW) : Now its my turn : God Hand Tiger 1

Akuji(GK) : (This is harder than i thought)

Aiden : Go for it AKUJI !


  • Akuji saved the ball from Mark*

Mark : How could this happend

  • Akuji throws the ball to Aiden*

Akuji : Now Aiden !

Aiden : Let's do this

Aiden : Eternal Blizzard !

  • Aiden kicks the ball to Akuji*

Akuji(GK&FW) : Vortex Impact !

Aiden&Akuji : GOOOOO !!!!

Tachimukai : Let's use this MAO THE HAND !

  • Mao the Hand was broken by the shot*

GOAL !!!!

  • It's 1-0 for The Blue Flame and, the other one*

Akuji : Yes we did it !

Aiden : Good work

Akuji : So give the field, back to the others !

Mark : Deal is a deal

  • Mark gave the field back*

Mark&Tachimukai : We where testing you Akuji

Akuji : Huh ?

Mark&Tachimukai : We see each other back

  • Mark and Tachimukai are disappeared*

Akuji : Wait how do you mea...n testing you ?

Aiden : It was fun to play with you, but now i must go because im late see ya

Akuji : Bye

  • Akuji is back at home*

Haruna : Hi Akuji how was you're day

Akuji : Kind of weird

Haruna : How do you mean ?

Akuji : Well they where bullies challenging me and have accepted the offer, and i have get the football field back

Haruna : That's amazing. Here is you're dinner

Akuji : Oh thanks

  • After 10 minutes*

Akuji : I'm done with eating, i'm going to sleep

Haruna : Good night

Fubuki Atsuya

Thanks to AidenFubuki

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The Blue Flames

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