• ???? and his team dissapeared*

Akuji : I think they are from Aliea Acedemy !

Sakuma : they have leave a letter

  • Sakuma pick the letter up*

Sakuma : It write on it i will read it.

You weaklings have won from Gemini Storm our shamed Aliea Acedemy team. Our team Epsilon G will get revenge from you lowless creatures. Meet us in Okinawa Island

Akuji : Not again a match we need rest coach Sakuma

Sakuma : You're right everybody go to you're home and take a sleep !

Everyone : Yes !

  • After the sleep*

Akuji : WHaaaa i'm done WHAAAAAAA !

Aki : What is it ?

Akuji : Se-se-serra was going t-to slee-sleep nex-next to m-me

  • Serra wakes up*

Serra : What is ? WHAAAAAAA ! Akuji what are you doing in my room !

Akuji : Huh what ? this is my room !

Serra : No look at the room there are only girls in it !

Akuji : Oh yeah i was training with Aiden and Jason, and i was so tired that i was sleeping next to you sorry !

  • Jason wakes up*

Jason : What is it, captain ?


  • Aiden wakes up*

Aiden : Huh what.. ?

Akuji : Run for you're life this is the girl room !

Jason & Aiden : CRAP RUN !!!!

  • Loretta throws a pillow to them*

Akuji : Aw my head

Aiden : Loretta !

Jason : Come on girls this is a accident !

  • They where running out the home place for the girls*

Akuji : That was my weirdes moment in my life

Jason : Yeah me to

Aiden : Come on the ladies are mad at us

Izayoi : AKUJI !

  • Akuji turn back and gets slap on his face*

Izayoi : How cud you !

Akuji : What i already said sorry !

Izayoi : Not that you didn't introduced me into the boys

Akuji : Only for that you slaped me in the face

Izayoi : Yep

Akuji : Alright, aw my face. This is Aiden Xavier Fubuki he is the Captain of Storm Legends

Aiden : Hi izayoi

Izayoi : Hi

  • Sakuma is coming*

Sakuma : So boys and girls did you already sleep good as well ?


Sakuma : Ok let's practice

  • The team is going to the football field and practicing*

Aiden : Bakunetsu BEAST !!

Akuji : Alright Serra let's do this

Serra : I'm still mad at you !


Serra : No i'm still mad at you !

Akuji : (Ok this will be my badest moment in my life)

  • Akuji kissed Serra*
  • Serra blushed*

Aiden : Good work, Akuji !

  • Akuji punched Aiden on his head*

Aiden: Aw AKUJI !!

Akuji : Now it's you're time to kiss Loretta-chan

Serra : So you didn't because you love me ?

Akuji : Nope i was betting with Aiden

Aiden : (Oh no) Come on Loretta !

  • Aiden kissed Loretta, Loretta blushes*

Aiden : Ok you won Akuji !

Akuji : Yep i will give a name to our new hissatsu

Loretta & Serra : So this is not because you loved me ?

Aiden & Akuji : NO !

  • Only Aiden feels something on his kiss with loretta*

Akuji : It will be Flying Impact ?

Aiden : (Ah damn)

  • After 1 hour practicing*

Sakuma : Ok let's head to Okinawa Island

Everyone : Let's do this

Sakuma : Akuji you will be as Goalkeeper !

Akuji : WHAAAAAT are you sure you want me as Goalkeeper ?

Sakuma : So you think that i'm stupid as a coach

Akuji : No sorry, coach !

Sakuma : Aiden you will be the Ace everybody will be the same lets go

  • Everybody is in the new plaine*

Everyone : WOW O_O A new plaine for Us !

Sakuma : Sit where you want :D

  • Akuji was sitting alone but then Aki asked to sit next to him*

Akuji : Sure

Aki : Thanks

Images (3

Meet Desarm

  • Akuji was controling his Chi*

Aki : (Must believe in my self, this time i will score the goal to the aliens)

  • They have arrived and have seen the aliea team*

Akuji : I'm Akuji Tsukiakari and this is my team Storm Flames wait you again

???? : WHAHAHAHA This time you will be defeated i'm reize and this my team Epsilon G

Akuji : Let's begin !

Reize : Hayt !

  • Aki has the ball*

Meet Reize

Aki : Come keshin !
  • It fails*
  • Diam gets the ball

Diam : Zell ! Moon Destroyer !

Akuji : God Hand Tiger Fist !

  • Akuji got the ball*

Akuji : Kazuka !

  • Kazuka got the ball*

Kazuka :.......

  • Used Sliding but failed*

Kazuka : Keshin ! Tsuki senshi ! Serra , Akuji !

Akuji &Serra : Hayt

Universal Blast

Universe Blast

Kazuka, Akuji and Serra : Moon BREAKU !

Desarm : Worm Hole !
482px-Agujero de gusano

Desarm using Worm Hole

  • Desarm stops the ball*

Akuji : KAGUYO !

  • Akuji became Kaguyo*

Desarm : Pandora !

Pandora : Universe Blast !

Akuji : Atomic Heat Dragon Ace Fire Form !

  • A girl appeared with Akuji's keshin*

Akuji : Burning Combo !

  • Akuji Failed*
  • After 20 minutes it was 26-8 for Epsilon G*
13771 1 other anime dragon fire fire dragon

Atomic Heat Dragon Ace : Fire form

  • Serra and Loretta where the only one who was standing the other ones falled down*

Serra : I can't let you win..

Loretta : We can't let yet you get out of this!

Akuji : I can't hold it any longer

  • Where having 2 balls on black and red and one black and purple*

Reize : Astro Break !


Gungnir V2

Desarm : Gungnir V2

  • Astro Break Goes to Loretta and Gungnir to Serra*

Loretta : It's to fast i can't do a hissatsu

Serra : to fast


  • Akuji become Kaguyo*
Astro Break

Astro Break!

Akuji Kaguyo : Serra look out !
  • Akuji pushes Serra away and Akuji get's Gungnir to his stomach

Aiden : Meet my GRAN FORM!

  • Aiden become Gran Form*

Aiden : Loretta-chan !

  • Aiden pushes loretta away*
  • Aiden and Akuji flowed away with those hissatsu*

Aiden & Akuji : WHAAAA !

Loretta & Serra : Captains !



Storm Legends &

Storm Legends Logo

The team Logo,a wolf with Wings

The Blue Flames

The Blue Flames

A ball that's in burn with blue flames

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