A lost match

  • 20 minutes later*
  • It was 20-2 for Gemini Storm*

Akuji Kaguyo : I can't...hold it any...more.....

  • Reize has the ball*

Reize : This fool think he can beat me hmph !

Mad Noah : To strong......I can't let antbody down !



  • Akuji gets the ball*

Reize : Wha-what is that !

Diam : Asteroid Belt !

  • Akuji gets hurt*

Akuji : Whaaaaaaaa !

Izayoi : Captain !

Akuji : My arm !

Diam : Hmph weakling

  • June gets the ball*

June : I-i can-can't ge-get past o-of her !

Nanakaze : Gravititoin !

  • June lost the ball*

Reize : You lost you weak human so i will Teikoku Gakuen

Kidou : No you can't do this !

Reize : Why not

  • Reize kicks the ball to the Teikoku Gakuen school*

Akuji : (Damn you alien)

Kidou : (I have lost everything i have only Akuji)

Reize : We see each other back weakling

Akuji : Kidou Haruna was hitted by a car and died

Kidou : You gotta be kidding

Akuji : She died

Sakuma : (I know that you're still alive Haruna you escaped, because you worked for the alien team Genesis)

Kidou : (I know that you're alive Haruna because of Akuji he don't must know the truth)

Akuji : Sorry Haruna

Izayoi : You did you're best Akuji

  • Noah Turns to normal*

Noah : Akuji we must train harder

Jason : Damn i have never lost a match !

Akuji : Noah

Noah : Yeah captain ?

Akuji : We must train create our new hissatsu and our Dark side

Noah : Yes !

Aki : (A dark side so painfull)

Kobayashi : Akuji can you teach me the new goalkeeper hissatsu

Akuji : Ok alright, everyone ! we must all create a new hissatsu !

Everyone : Yes !

To be continued


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