• Ramens sprite!!!

    Rese's sprite


    Thanks to my friend Hungry4ramen (It was for my birthday :D)

    605px-Atsukia Tsukiakari

    Atsukia Tsukiakari CHECK IT OUT !

    The team are in the caravan*

Sakuma : Just only 5 minutes and then we arrived on Raimon Junior High !

Team : Yes !

Akuji :.......

Izayoi : What is Akuji ?

Akuji : I......miss....Haruna

Serra : Don't be hard for yourselves

Akuji : I will win any match !

Everyone : !!!

Noah : I will help you !

Akuji : Thanks Noah

Rese : Ak-Akuji i will win for you !

Akuji : We will win !

  • Kobayashi and Tadashi saw some black adn purple balls in the air falling*

Kobayashi : Huh what is that !

Tadashi : What the

  • An big explosion appeared*

Team : Whaaa !! What is that !!!

Sakuma : (What weird) Everybody calm down !

Akuji : Hmph

Noah : WHat the !

  • The Caravan has arrived to Raimon*

Sakuma : What the !

Akuji : This...can' i have lost Haruna and now my school !

  • Akuji's eyes where glowing yellow*

Tanatat : Who is that !

???? : We are the aliens

Tadashi : What are you talking about !

???? : My name is Reize captain of the team Gemini Storm

Reize : And this is my team

Akuji : How have lost everything !

Reize : I don't care. You're level of soccer is lower than us !

  • Reize kicks the black ball to Kobayashi*

Kobayashi : Whaaaa !

Akuji : (I won't lose nobody anymore !)

  • Akuji is protecting Kobayashi*

Akuji : Ultima.....

  • Akuji has no chance to use his hissatsu*

Akuji : WHHAAAAA !

To be continued

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