Sailor Star Uniform 10

I was BORED!!

Akuji : Thanks Mikuzi !

Mikuzi : No problem !

Aphrodi : Hmph we see each other back

  • After that they are in the house of Akuji and Haruna*

Haruna : Can you help me with something messages ?

Akuji : Awww Come on !

Haruna : Ok you then are not gonna eat today

Akuji : Come on i'm starvin' !

Haruna : Come with me and you will get some Ice cream

Akuji : .....Fine...

  • Akuji and Haruna are going to the shop and are buying food for the players*

Haruna : Ok bye !

Seller : Bye !

Akuji : Let's go

  • Akuji's bracelet (That he get's from his real mother) falled down*

Akuji : My bracelet

  • Akuji runs and picked up his bracelet but an car was drivin' *

Driver : Look out kid !

Akuji : What ?...

  • Akuji was to late to move*

Haruna : AKUJI !

  • Haruna pushes Akuji away*
  • Akuji falls down*

Akuji : What Haruna !!!!

  • Haruna was hitted by the car*

Akuji : Haruna !

  • Akuji was runing to Haruna*

Akuji : Come on wake up don't let me down !!

Haruna :.........................................

Akuji : HARUNA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone call an ambulance !

Driver : Hello can i get an ambulance so quick as possible !

  • Haruna was in the blood*

Ambulance : TATU TATU TATU ! (XD)

Nurse : Pick her up !

Medic 1 : Yes miss !

  • The medics are picking Haruna up*
  • Akuji was in the car*
  • They are arrived*

Akuji : Haruna please don't die !

  • Haruna is in the help room*

???? : What happend ?

Akuji : Haruna was hitted by a car

???? : Be strong my friend

Akuji : I do ! by the way who are you ?

???? : I'm Sakuma nice to meet you

Akuji : Me to my name is Akuji !

Sakuma : Let her alone Akuji she needs rests

Akuji : (Haruna please be alright)

Sakuma : A guy wants to join you're club

Akuji : Who ?

Sakuma : Noah, Noah Dreams

Akuji : Ok i wanna see his talent

  • Noah was in a room training his football skills*

Akuji : Uhm..Hello ?

Noah : What ? yo-yo-yo-you are the captain from The Blue Flames

Akuji : That's right my name is Akuji Tsukiakari i have heard from Sakuma that you want to join my club

Noah : Yes because i'm really talented with soccer

Akuji : Ok let's see what you have got !

Noah : Let's go to the roof !

  • Noah and Akuji are in the Roof*

Akuji : Give it you all !

Noah : Alright !

Noah : Holy art : Judgement ! (40 TP)

  • The Ball was full of Light element and Dark*

Akuji : (Let's use this hissatsu) Ultimate Dark Catch ! (60 TP)

  • Noah faileds with his hissatsu*

Noah : Not bad my friend

Akuji : You to (Oh my god my hands are burned of, of that hissatsu)

Akuji : You're now one of us !

Noah : I can't believe it i did it !

Akuji : You are a Forwarder/Midfielder from now on

Noah : Ok i will think about it

  • Sakuma is coming*

Sakuma : We have bad news, Akuji

Akuji : Don't tell me.....

Sakuma : She died, i'm sorry Akuji

Akuji : (DAMN...i will win every match for you Haruna)

  • Akuji is running to the help room*

Akuji : Where is....she ?

Sakuma : What the....

Akuji : I can't believe this !

Akuji : She is not in her bed

Noah : Akuji i will help you i promise !

Akuji : Thanks Noah !

  • Akuji is going to the club house with Noah*

Akuji : Team i will introduce you to our new player Noah Dreams !

Noah : Pleased to meet you all !

Everyone : Welcome !

Akuji : Team i must have to tell you something about our catch

Akuji : Haruna..........died

Everyone : What ?!?

Kazuka : How??Can??

June : whatthe????

Akuji : She died and escaped we need a new coach

Sakuma : Let that be me !

Everyone : WHAT !?!?

Akuji : You are welcome Sakuma !

Akuji : This is our new coach Sakuma !

Noah : Yay Sakuma is our new coach but damn that we have not Haruna

Akuji : We will head tomorrow to our school Raimon Junior High !

Everyone : Yes captain !

Akuji Sprite

Akuji sprite

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