Okay Guys! Another Fanfic YAY! This Fanfic Involves My Fanmade Character:Gemini Prowers And Lorettas Character Yuki Kiseki And The User:Kotoni

At The Orphanage

Kira:Everyone! I Like You To Meet Gemini Prowers





???:My Name Is Yuki Kiseki.Call Me Yuki!

Prowers:My Name Is Gemini Prowers.Call Me Prowers!


???:Yuki! Lets Play Sakka!

Prowers:Who Are You?

???:Oh Im Kotoni!

Prowers:Nice To Meet You Kotoni

Kotoni:Always*Shakes Hand With Prowers*

Yuki:Anyways,SAKKA YAROUZE!?

Kotoni And Prowers:YEAH!!!

The End!

Sorry If It Was Short ^^" I Was Tired.Anyways Next Well Be A Timeskip To High School (YUP A BIG TIMESKIP) Hope Ya Liked It! Bye!

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