Tenma: Reunited is the second part of my fan fiction Tenma. Only in here there are new enemies, a battle for a title, and someone close to Tenma goes to see Tenma... in the ghost world!


  • Matsukaze Tenma
  • Shindou Takuto
  • Kirino Ranmaru
  • Christophe Travesti
  • Soccer nut Salem
  • the rest of the new Raimon
  • Oreta Tsubasa
  • Tanned Talula
  • Chris and Topher the immature twins
  • Tsurugi Kyousuke


Tenma may have graduated from ghost school, but he still can't leave because he has to work at the ghost hotline company where all he does is answer. So far, he had been bombarded with calls from the new Raimon as all the calls were saying they needed him.

And, as the Raimon soccer club were practicing, with a new member , Kudakechitta Tsubasa, to replace Tenma for the games, they visited Tenma's grave (which Tenma was highly unaware of).

While Shindou and Kirino were walking home together, a car suddenly approached them and was headed to Shindou. Kirino pulled him out of the way and was hit in Shindou's place. She was brought to the hospital after that.

Kirino found herself in a plain white room. Then she had heard an announcement coming from the P.A. system calling her name. As she went to the room she was called to, 4444, she noticed that there was a list of graduates: and one of those was Matsukaze Tenma. She was told by the secretary to fill in a survey, but then she refused, so she was led to the ghost hotline company, where Tenma was. And of course, Tenma was happy to see her.


  • Oreta Tsubasa means "broken wings."
  • Tsubasa isn't bad at all!


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