Tenma in the afterlife.

"Tenma" is a fan fiction that takes place in the time of Inazuma Eleven GO! It happens when the new Raimon was chosen, along with some other people, to represent Japan for the new Football Frontier International.


  • Matsukaze Tenma
  • Shindou Takuto
  • Kirino Ranmaru
  • Christophe Travesti
  • Soccer nut Salem
  • Writeaholic Wright the secretary
  • Dynamite Dancer Darla
  • Schizophrenia Scott
  • Basketball club captain
  • Mister Kidney


Matsukaze Tenma, the rest of the new Raimon and a few others had been chosen to represent Japan for the upcoming Football Frontier International. And, while having lunch with the soccer club, Tenma choked on a gummy bear, asked for help, and was hit on the back by accident by the basketball club captain.

Tenma then awoke to bright lights waking him up and saw that he was in the place where the basketball incident happened, but he realized that he was alone. An announcement came from the P.A. telling him to go to Room 4444. When he came there, he was told by Writeaholic Wright the secretary to fill in a survey where you have to write your full name, date of birth, place of birth, gender, and C.O.D. Only when his body was shown to him, he knew what C.O.D. meant: cause of death. And, upon knowing he was dead, he found a friend in Christophe Travesti, a Canadian boy who likes dressing up as the opposite gender, and Soccer nut Salem, an American boy who had grown so obsessed with soccer that while playing in an intraschool competition, he was sick and was hit in the heart by a soccer ball and died. And he also found a bit of annoyance in Dynamite Dancer Darla, a dancer who died dancing in a fire, and Schizophrenia Scott, a girl who died with her emo personality killing her.


  • Kirino Ranmaru is portrayed as a female here, and is Tenma's love interest, though Shindou confessed his feelings for her.
  • Travesti is "transvestite" in French.
  • Soccer nut Salem is NOT a good influence for all those determined soccer players.

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