1. She has a little crush on Gouenji.

2. She's an excellent cook. (she usually cooks for Yumi when she was still with Yumi).

3. She loves to snowboard, since she is from the cold parts of Japan, (includes skate boarding and surfing)

4. She is believed to be Endou's cousin, she has the same grand father with Endou.

5. She is seceretly a witch.

6. She loves to dance. Mostly break dance, she is shy so not everyone knows, but she shows this in her soccer moves.

7. She hates liers.

8. She is a vegitarian, but she can eat meat but she does not like meat that much, she too likes pasta.

9. She loves to play with her hair she puts it to braids then puts many accsesories, but she does not show it to anyone.

10. She hates the Gothic.

11. She never used the word "hate" on anyone.

12. She is very Religious.

13. She is smart in all subjects, that's why she was accelerated to High school.

14. She is good at solving riddles and good in making quotes.

15. She can catch Kogure making pranks on other people.

16. She is childish.

17. She loves the rain.

18. She disgusts the color Pink.

19. She loves the color green.

20. She has been playing soccer since she was 4 yrs. old.

21. She is a little annoyed with Tsunami.

22. She can beat several boys in arm wrestling.

23. She is not Girly. She does not scream like a girl or act desperate to the boy she loves.

24. She is the only one in her family who has white hair.

25. She loves Marigolds and Violets.

26. She hates wearing skirts, she usually wears A simple light green t -shirt with a dark green star in the middle and a gray Jacket and shorts until the knees, and sometimes pants feld at the ends.

27. She uses signs together with words.

28. Her eyes turn red when Angry, confident.

29. She can't remember her parents faces.

30. She can see visions from the future that come in a random time and hurts when it occurs, she gets headaches.