693 - Ripple - Seamless Pattern

Team Otoshi Jayuri


In: Japan Tokyo

School: Mateshi


Team Otoshi Jayuri captain Kigori was Goenji's friend. But because of this kid called Otogaya made them into a big fight. In the fight Kigori's sister Masevori died, which made Kigori very angry. Kigori is made a team called Otoshi Jayuri named after there formal coa


1.Kigori (Captain)FW

2.Maskuto FW

3. Batkusaki LW

4. Kurimastik RW

5. Laimon MF

6. Koimin MF

7. Gurlan DF

8. Tawaramaru DF

9. Kaminotito DF

10. Kelia DF

11. Raymond GK

Hissatsu Tactic

Dragon Arch: Kigori and Maskuto and Batkusaki Runs together with the ball forming a line, when the opponent comes trying to get the ball away, a red glowing dragon will cover it and protect it.


Diamond fall DF

Fire Avalanch MF

Sword head DF

Sword kick FW

Amor sword FW

Hell tornadoFW

X Catch GK

Night fear GK and FW

Thunder Pheonix FW

Thunder Dragon FW

Thunder pheogon (Thunder Pheonix+Thunder Dragon) FW

Ice hole MF and DF

Dark hole DF

White hole FW

Wild Blizzard FW

Omega god the hand GK

OMega god Kick FW

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