Tatsumaki Masako
Masako flat colour 2
First appearance Episode 7
Created by ChicaTH/Chica-chan
Voiced by Mutsumi Tamura
Team/s Raimon (GO)

Kurai Pureya (former)

Element Wind
Number 21 (Raimon)

11 (Kurai Pureya)

Position Forward
Full Names Masako Tatsumaki
Japanese Name Tatsumaki Masako (雅子竜巻)
English Name Clarice Coen
Nickname/s Tornado, Koko, Masa, Masako-chan, MasaMasa
Age 14
Birthdate 9th April
Birthplace Nara, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives Tatsumaki Rinnosuke (Father)

Arashi Tsubomi (Mother) (Deceased) Tatsumaki Tomoe (Sister)

Family Tatsumaki Family
School/Class Raimon Jr. High, 2nd year
Tatsumaki Masako (雅子竜巻) (Dub name: Clarice Coen) is one of the main characters of the series. She is a forward for Raimon (GO), and was captain and forward of Kurai Pureya.

Profile (Inazuma Eleven GO Shine/Dark [Game])

  • "One of Raimon's ace strikers. Very calm but can be pretty aggressive."


Just one year before joining Raimon, when Masako was 13 years old, she got hit by a car while going home with her neighbour Kaoru Tanaka. Masako was badly injured, so she had to stay into a hospital for about 1 week.

Masako's mother, while her girl was in hospital, got a deadly disease, and died some days after Masako's accident.

After exiting the hospital, Masako and her father moved from Nara to Tokyo. After some days, her father signed Masako up at Raimon Jr. High.

Plot (Inazuma Eleven GO)

Masako didn't know to have talent for soccer, she only found it out while the Raimon team was training, and Matsukaze Tenma accidentally shooted the ball at her. Before Tenma could say anything, she kicked the ball in a really strong way and send it back to Tenma, who couldn't kick back and fell down.

Masako was wearing a hoodie covering her face, so nobody noticed who she was, or if she was a boy or a girl. So a "hunting" started to see who she was, the day after.

The first one to find out about her was Shindou Takuto, Raimon's captain, when turning to his right he saw the girl. She was a new classmate of his, and when she introduced herself to the class, he clearly noticed by her voice that she was a girl.

Shindou reffered everything to the team after training, and after talking a bit with the team, Masako appeared from behind him, saying she signed up for the soccer club. Most of the team members were disappointed about having a girl in their team, but they got used to it later.

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  • "Let's continue our training, shall we?" (To Kirino Ranmaru)
  • "This will be the end of you all." (To the Raimon team)
  • "The heck are you...?!" (To Clark Wonderbot)
  • "How can you be so happy all the time...?" (To Hamano Kaiji)
  • "Do you know why people hate death? Because, life is a beautiful lie, and death is a painful truth." (To Tanaka Kaoru)


[HT] Devastating Wind (壊滅的な風)

[HT] Vent Scream (スクリームを発散)


[KH] Master Tormenta (マスター·ストーム)


  • "Tatsumaki" actually means "Tornado"
  • She has a rivality with Kariya Masaki, as shown in most episodes
  • She is the only girl in the series to wear an uniform for boys.