Tajiri Sanruuyo is a forward of Dark Cycle

Tajiri sanruuyo

Tajiri Sanruuyo


Age: 13

Gender: Male

Team: Dark Cycle

Personality: He is none other than cold, silent and very serious. Element: Darkness

Plot Overview

He will appear in my fanfiction, Hidden Past of Endou Mamoru! He is shown to be close to most of his teammates.

He is none other than a forward on the old team of Endou and the closest friend of Endou during the time they were young. Both all of his teammates and Endou think a like and all used to be cold because of the bullies in the school bullying them, that is how the team Dark Cycle was created. Though Endou moved away from the team because he realized there wrongdoings on getting revenge on the bullies and evil persons. Though he still continued it, he is rather only friendly to his teammates.



Dark Ruins - Offense Hissatsu

Judgement of Darkness - Shoot Hissatsu

Dark Aura - Offense Hissatsu


This Fanmade Character was made by AdventureWriter28. AdventureWriter28 07:11, December 22, 2010 (UTC)


  • I got his first name from the last of Satoshi Tajiri a.k.a. the creator of Pokemon.