Sumato Ryo

Real Name

Sumato Hosho

Japanese Name: Katakana

No information



Birth Date

12th October

Family Status



-Grand (former) -Elite



Fav. Food



  • Sumato Ryo is created by me.
  • The names are originally made by me.
  • The pictures, personality and looks are created by me although there is a little resemblance with Kidou Yuuto.


  • Created by: Sapphirez 13:04, December 31, 2010 (UTC)


Sumato is an intelligent boy. His name comes from the Japanese-accent of smart (sumaruto) but since it's too long, so the -ru- is cut out and it becomes Sumato. Sumato Ryo's real name is Sumato Hosho but he is adopted by a guy which everyone called Ryo. His parents passed away when he was only 4, leaving him and his sister, Rerira Hosho and they are sent to an orphanage. One day, Rerira's being infected by a mysterious disease and Ryo offers to help but in exchange, he will adopt Sumato for his talent of soccer. He follows everything Ryo said as Ryo threatened him that he may never see his beloved sister again or that he beloved sister will gone from this world forever. He manage to get use to the evil-like attitude and ruin every soccer players dream by destroying their belonging. Unlike Kidou Yuuto, after he was separated with Marilyn, he doesn't know who adopted Marilyn nor the look of Marilyn now.