Star Shine (スターシャイン, Sutāshain) is a Shoot Hissatsu technique


Inazuma Eleven GO

Kira Kotoni

Info (GO)



The user kicks the ball up into the air. Then, The User jumps up while making a few spins around the ball. As the user is about to kick the ball, It gives off sparkles and a white / yellow aura. Then the User kicks the ball towards the goal, The ball is then like a comet and gives off lots of multi coloured sparkles and glitter.

Signature and notes

  • This hissatsu was created by me!
  • Feel free to use it but ask me first!
  • Yup, This hissatsu involves alot of Sparkles!! XD
  • I'll get another drawing of it soon!! ^^
  • I'll be making a bit more hissatsu since I only have a few at the moment~ ^^

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