Endou Mamoru was training in the Raimon School all by himself which he believed they went time traveling.


Endou was late to go to school as soon as possible he saw his grandfather, Endou Daisuke but really young, he didn't notice him so he kept running until he reached there. After school, he saw soccer players and his grandfather still young and called out the names of the soccer players.

1. Endou Daisuke

2. Nishizono Shisuke

3. Tobitaka Seiya

4. Nishigaki Mamoru

5. Kiyama Hiroto

6. Yagami Reina

7. Demae You

8. Fudou Akio

9. Saginuma Osamu

10. Fubuki Shirou

11. Mukata Masaru

14. Kidou Yuuto

15. Endou Kanon

16. Baddap Sleed

17. Rococo Urupa

18. Utsunomiya Toramaru

20. Hidetoshi Nakata

After they finished, they asked to study in Raimon for awhile and play as the second team and Endou said they could. 28 days later, everybody disappeared except soccer players. After Endou realized it, he went to his grandfather's house and he was still there. After awhile, they went to Raimon and met the other soccer players. Then a black soccerball appeared and aimed to Endou. Baddap told him to dodge and Endou listened but it hitted Baddap but doesn't fell pain because they use black soccerballs in the future. Then he saw from out of no where he saw his mother and father became aliens with the principal, Kageyama, and the rest of the whole world except for soccer players.


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