So-Called Tragedy is an Inazuma Eleven GO romance fanfiction based off the idea that I realized the main characters of this fanfic have hair colors much like the color schemes of star-crossed lovers. The main characters are Kirino Ranmaru(who is portrayed as a girl like in all my fanfics) and Tsurugi Kyousuke. Another one is Shindou Takuto.


  • Kirino Ranmaru
  • Tsurugi Kyousuke
  • Shindou Takuto
  • Matsukaze Tenma
  • Tsurugi Yuuichi
  • Ishido Shuuji


Tsurugi went to Fifth Sector Headquarters to visit Ishido Shuuji. There he was told about the ball Ishido was about to host: his birthday celebration! But there's a sort of problem: Raimon, with the exception of him: is not invited!

Later, while no one was around, except for Kirino, Tsurugi invited Shindou to the ball with an unnamed invitation and tells him to invite anyone he's like to take with him to the ball. Shindou invited Kirino and they came to the ball.

In the ball, Tsurugi was seated somewhere when he suddenly saw Kirino. He didn't know who she was so he ran to her and asked her to be kissed by him, or in short, he wants to kiss her. After that, Kirino receives a call from Shindou asking her where she was. Tsurugi, not knowing who Kirino was, felt heartbroken until he removed her mask. They were surprised to see that they were them!

After that, Kirino and Shindou were kidnapped and tied up in a room. They were able to get out, they saw Tsurugi, and Tsurugi confessed his love to Kirino. Kirino, who was surprised, confessed exactly the same feelings. As with Shindou, he said the same!


  • The color schemes for star-crossed lovers are usually red and blue, but for this they're pink and dark blue.
  • This is told in three different perspectives, the epilogue being a character besides Tsurugi and Kirino.
  • Kirino is portrayed as a girl.
  • I forgot to mention that Inaba was here!


Miran Hijiri 18:48, November 23, 2011 (UTC)

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