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Takashi Onigiri

Makou Enzoul

Kira Hitomiko

Midorikawa Ryuuji

Kiyama Hiroto

Suzuno Fuusuke

Nagumo Haruya

Saginuma Osamu

Yagami Reina

Touchi Ai

Sumeragi Maki

Nemuro Kimiyuki

Touchi Shuuji

Kii Fumiko

Atsui Shigeto

Netsuha Netsuhiko

Kurakake Clara

Story: Day 7

It Was A Cold Night.After Dinner,The Meeting Began...

At Sun Garden..

Kira Hitomiko:"Now,I Shall Begin The Meeting"Hitomiko Said To Everyone But...Only Some Were Awake Others Were Asleep

The Meeting Began.Everyone Was Thinking The Same Thing:Why Was There A Meeting?

Kira Hitomiko:"Now You May Notice But Just To Be Clear:The FF Are Starting Again."Hitomiko Explaining To Everyone

Everyone Was Shocked!Were They Gonna Be In The FF?

Kiyama Hiroto:"S-So Were Here....To Enter The FF's?!"Hiroto Asking Hitomiko..Still In Shocked.Even Though He Won With Inazuma Japan...He Was Shocked To Play In A Tournament Again After Soo Long.

Kira Hitomiko:"*Nods*That Is Correct Hiroto.Im Making A Team,And All Of You Are In It..."Hitomiko Explained To Everyone.

Kira Hitomiko:Now If All Of You Are Ready,I Will Explain The Team But Before That,The FF's Are A Little Different This Year.There Are Many Matches Now And A Selection Match To Present The FF's Teams Kinda Like FFI.So You Have Two Months To Train.Use That Time Wisely.Understand?" Hitomiko Said.

All:"Yes!"Everone Said With Excitement

Kira Hitomiko:"Very Well I Will Explain The Teams Formation!"Hitomiko Said.

Kira Hitomiko:"Captain And Foward:Kiyama Hiroto!"

Kiyama Hiroto:"Yes Maam!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Co-Captain And Midfielder:Midorikawa Ryuuji!"

Midorikawa Ryuuji:"Right!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Defender:Takashi Onigiri!"

Takashi Onigiri:"Y-Y-Yes!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Foward:Yagami Reina!"

Yagami Reina:"Yes!"

Kira Hitomiko:Goalkeeper:"Saginuma Osamu!"

Saginuma Osamu:Yes Maam!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Midfielder:Suzuno Fuusuke"

Suzuno Fuusuke:"Right!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Foward:Nagumo Haruya!"

Nagumo Haruya:"Hmph.Yeah!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Defender: Touchi Ai!"

Touchi Ai:"Yes!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Defender:Touchi Shuuji!"

Touchi Shuuji:Right!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Foward:Sumeragi Maki!"

Sumeragi Maki:"Very Well,Il Do My Best!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Midfielder:Kii Fumiko!"

Kii Fumiiko:"Allright Then,I Try My Hardest!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Good Now I Will Explain The Reserved Ones.Hitomiko Said.

Kira Hitomiko:Goalkeeper 2.:Nemuro Miyuki!"

Nemuro Miyuki:"I Wont Let The Team Down Maam!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Midfielder:Atsui Shigeto!"

Atsui Shigeto:"IL Train With All My Strength And Energy Coach Hitomiko!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Forward:Netsuha Netsuhiko!"

Netsuha Netsuhiko:Very Well Coach,I Will Not Give Up!"

Kira Hitomiko:Last But Not Least, Defender:Kurakake Clara!"

Kurakake Clara:"Understood Coach!"

Kira Hitomiko:"And Me The Coach Of Aliea Stikers,Kira Hitomiko!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Well Thats All For Tonight.Get Sleep And Wake Up Early Tomorrow For Parctice.Understand?"Hitomiko Explaining To Everybody.

All:"Understand Coach!"Everyone Said.

Kira Hitomiko:"Hiroto,You Are The Captain And Stragetist Of The Team,While Midorikawa Is The Key Mover And Co-Captain.Understand?"Hitomiko Explained To Hiroto And Midorikawa.

Hiroto And Midorikawa:"Understand!"

Kira Hitomiko:"Very Well.You Are All Excused You May All Go." Everybody Went To There Rooms.Takashi Was Excited To Play In His First Tournament Match And Being In The FF's With His Friends.Yet He Felt Nervous Aswell.

The Next Day... They Were All Training As It Was Saturday.They Were Really Training With So Much Passion,Cofidence And Determination It Was Almost Scary.

Kiyama Hiroto:"Takashi, Pass It To Midorikawa!"Hiroto Told Takashi To Pass It To Midorikawa But He Was Already Blocked By Ai Who Was Blocking Hiroto.Now Free,Takashi Passed It To Hiroto.

Takashi Onigiri:"Hiroto! Go For It!"Takashi Said To Hiroto To Shoot.

Touchi Ai:"Oh No!" Ai Said As She Left Her Mark On Hiroto.

Midorikawa Ryuuji:"Becarefull Ai-Kun Or You Might Lose The Opponent You Were Blocking."Midorikawa Said To Ai,Giving Her Advice.

Touchi Ai:"Right!" Ai Said.

Suzuno Fuusuke:"Your Not Getting Through Me!"Suzuno Said As He Was Sliding Towards Hiroto.

But Hiroto Jumped In The Air With The Ball. Passing It To Takashi Who Was Running Really Fast.

Suzuno Fuusuke:"W-Wow,They'r Quick!" Suzuno Said In Surprise As Takashi Has Getting Better At Soccer Everytime.

Kiyama Hiroto:"Takashi! Go Shoot!"Hiroto Said When The Ball Was Already At Takashis Feet.

Takashi Onigiri:"Heh,Take This! The Eclipse!" Takashi Said As He Shooted The Eclipse.

Saginuma Osamu:"Drill Smasher V2!"Saginuma Said As He Envoled His Technique.Which He Was Able To Stop The Eclipse.

Takashi Onigiri:"Hey! You Caught It! Your Awesome Saginuma!"Takashi Said To Saginuma.

Saginuma Osamu:"Well I Think That Your Eclipse Powered Up Too!"Saginuma Said With Relaxation.

Saginuma,Midorikawa,Hiroto And Hitomiko Were Completly Relax But Everyone Else Was Shocked About Takashi's Skills And To Think He Never Played Soccer Before!

Yagami Reina:"T-To Think,He Never Played Soccer Before!" Yagami Said Surprised.

Kii Fumiko:"A-And Thats Just The Envoled Version! With That Much Power!" Kii Said Shocked As Everyone Else Is....

To Be Contiued.....

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