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Characters (for Chapter 2)

Yamashita Takashi

Kira Hitomiko

Midorikawa Ryuuji

Kiyama Hiroto

Day one

Hitomiko stepped aside."Of course, come in, quickly." She instructed to the boy, who nodded and stepped in and shivered less.He looked around and smiled at Hitomiko."Thank you very much." The boy said, thankful at Hitomiko.

"You should sit down, I'll go take a blanket and some hot chocolate." She informed the boy, who only nodded and sat besides a green haired boy with an ice-cream like hairstyle.Hitomiko went off to the kitchen to make the boy some hot chocolate and went to a storage room and grabbed a warm blanket.

"Hm? Oh! Hi there!" Said the Green haired boy cheerfully."My name is Midorikawa Ryuuji.You must be that new kid, right? Whats your name?" Midorikawa asked.

"I'm Yamashita Takashi.Nice to meet you."He smiled to Midorikawa, who smiled back.They shook hands together and sat in awkward silence until Hitomiko came back with the hot chocolate and blanket.She handed them to Takashi, who accepted it gratefully."Thank you."He thanked Hitomiko.

"Now that your all warm, whats your name?" Hitomiko asked.Before Takashi could answer, Midorikawa did it for him."His name is Yamashita Takashi." Said Midorikawa, informing Hitomiko, much to Takashi's annoyance.

"I see." Said Hitomiko."Well, you'll stay here until your parents find you.That is, if you have any.You'll be staying in the room next to Midorikawa's.And that's fine with you, right?" Asked Hitomiko.

"Of course it is!" Midorikawa exclaimed cheerfully.

"Good.Well, welcome to Sun Garden Orphanage, Takashi." Said Hitomiko.And with that, she left.

"Hm, a new kid? Thats great."A voice said, a figure then appeared.He had Red messy hair, pale skin tone and Teal eyes.

"Oh, hey Hiroto! This is Takashi." Informed Midorikawa.

"I..can introduce my self you know.." Takashi said, sweatdropping.

"Oh, right.Sorry about that." Midorikawa chuckled."Anyways, this is--"

"I can introduce my self too you know." Hiroto said, laughing."Well, I'm Kiyama Hiroto.Call me Hiroto."

Takashi smiled."Nice to meet you." He said.Hiroto smiled back, "Likewise."

After a few minutes of silence, Midorikawa stood up, but flopped back on his seat."I'm bored.." He said lazily, slumping on the couch.

"Well, lets do something fun." Hiroto suggested.

"Liiiiikkkee?" Asked Midorikawa.

"How about a match of Soccer?" Hiroto said.Midorikawa agreed, and so did Takashi.They waited for the blizzard to calm down outside.

To be continued

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