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Takashi Onigiri

Hikari A.K.A Valencia112

Kiyama Hiroto

Midorikawa Ryuuji

Yagami Reina

Kii Fumiiko

Makou Enzoul

Kira Hitomiko

Sumeragi Maki

Saginuma Osamu

Fuyuka Ono

Zain Pain


Aliea Strikers

Inazuma Tamashii

Deep Knightmares


After The Cold Training,Everyone Went Inside To Take A Rest.

Yagami Reina:I Still Dont Believe It

Kii Fumiko:Me To I Mean WOW.

Takashi Onigiri:Hi Yagami,Kii!

Yagami And Kii:Hey!

Takashi Onigiri:Hey Yagami Can I Talk To You In Private?

Yagami Reina:Uh..Yeah Sure Why?

Takashi Onigiri:Oh...Il Tell U When Were In Private.

Flashback To Ten Minutes Ago

Takashi Onigiri:Soo What Do U Wanna Talk About Hiroto?

Kiyama Hiroto:I Uh Got A S-Secret To Tell U.

Takashi Onigiri:Whats The Secret?

Kiyama Hiroto:Its About Yagami.I-I Think I L-Like Her.


Kiyama Hiroto:*Blushing* Ye-Yeah

In Present Time

In The Corner...

Takashi Onigiri:Yagami Can U Meet Hiroto At The Big Tower?

Yagami Was Surprides.Why Did Hiroto Wanted To Meet Her At The Tower?

Yagami Reina:Wh-What For?

Takashi Onigiri: Oh Youl Find Out.

Yagami Then Went Out The House With Hitomiko's Permission.She Then Head To The Tower

Yagami Reina:Hiroto? Hiroto Where Are You?

Kiyama Hiroto:Here.

Yagami Reina:What Did U Wanna Talk Ab-

But Before Yagami Can Finish Her Sentence,Hiroto Firmly Kissed Her

Yagami Reina:What Is He Doing!? Is This What They Call 'Love'?

Yagami Sharply Pulled Away Hiroto Then Said This:I Love U Yagami.

Yagami Reina: I Love U Too.

They Both Went Home Together

The Next Day..

It Was A Cold Day To Go To School But When The Group Arrived,Something Terrible Happened!

Makou Enzoul:T-Takashi L-L-Look Out!....

Takashi Onigiri:Enzoul! What Happened!? Wait Nevermind That Are You Ok?

Makou Enzoul:Y-Yeah But The Rest Of The Team Is Just.......Destroyed.

Saginuma Osamu:D-Destroyed?

Just Then A Mysterious Team Arrived

???: Yes Destroyed.

Midorikawa Ryuuji: Who Are U?

???:I Am....Zain Pain!

Zain Pain:I Am The Captain Of Deep Knightmares!

Kiyama Hiroto:Enzoul Is This Th-

Enzoul Tried Standing Up But To No Availe He Couldn't Stand Up

Makou Enzoul:Y-Yeah Thats The Guy Who Destroyed Us.

Takashi Onigiri:Hey Enzoul Dont Push Your Self!

Makou Enzoul:S-Sorry.

Zain Pain:I Challege U And Ur Team To Fight Againts My Team,With Soccer!

Kiyama Hiroto:Very Well We Accepet!

Midorikawa Ryuuji:But Hiroto We Only Got Ten People!

???:Il Join You Guys Then!

Saginuma Osamu:Who Are You?

???:I Am Hikari Royaldi!

Hikari:Royaldi:May I Join U?

Kiyama Hiroto:first What Number Element And Position Are U?

Hikari Royaldi:I Am Number 9 My Element Is Light I Am A Forward

Kiyama Hiroto: Very Well I Will Let U In.

To Be Continued....

Well What Ya Think Guys? We Have A Guest With Us Too. Remember To Leave Ur Request In The Comment Section Seya! Hope Ya Enjoyed!


Hikari A.K.A Valencia112

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