Hi Guys Thanks For The Surppot. Start The Chappie!(Do You Know Who Was The Girl?Heh Il Tell You In The Charcters Section)

Characters(For Chapter 6)

Takashi Onigiri

Fuyuka Ono

Nagumo Haruya

Kiyama Hiroto

Makou Enzoul

Shun Nashiki

Day 6

As Takashi Saw The Girl, He Began To Blushed Bright Red,Nagumo Noticed This And Laughed A Bit

Takashi Onigiri:"Whos That Nagumo-Kun?"Takashi Asking Nagumo While Pointing At The Girl.

Nagumo Haruya:"HAHAHA XD Heheh That's Fuyuka Ono Shes Inazuma Tamashii's Manager" (Note:Tamashii Means Soul Or Spirit) Nagumo Said.

Takashi Onigiri:"Hey Whats So Funny!? And Inazuma Tamashii?" Takashi Aksed In Slight Anger.

Nagumo Haruya:"Well Its You Blushed And Your In Lo-"But Before Nagumo Can Say The Word He Was Inturrepted By Takashi.

Takashi Onigiri:"IM NOT IN LOVE!!"Takashi Said Bursting With Anger And Blushing Bright Red.

Kiyama Hiroto:"Umm... Guys Im Right Here You Know" Hiroto Said Annoyed.

Both:"Whoops Sorry"They Both Said

Kiyama Hiroto:"Well Anyways,Inazuma Tamashii Is A Team At The Soccer Club Here." Hiroto explaining To Takashi.

Takshi Onigiri:"Oh...Thx Hiroto Sama."Takashi Thanking Hiroto

Kiyama Hiroto:"No Prob Lets Go To Talk To The Captain"Hiroto Said.

Makou Enzoul:"Hey Welcome To The Soccer Club My Name Is Makou Enzoul Im The Captain Of The Soccer Team,Inazuma Tamashii!"Makou Said.

Shun Nashiki:"And Im The Lead Striker,Shun Nashiki!"Shun Said

They All Shook Hands And Welcome Them Selfs

Fuyuka Ono:"And I Am Fuyuka Ono Im The Manager.Are You Joining?"Fuyuka Asking Hiroto,Nagumo And Takashi.

Kiyama Hiroto:" Nope,Just To Look Around" Hiroto Said

After Introducing Them Selvs:

Takashi Onigiri:"Thanks!See Ya Around!" Takashi Said To Fuyuka,Makou And Shun.

Fuyuka,Makou,Shun:"Bye!" They Replyed To Takashi.

Nagumo Haruya:"Well You Got To Talk To Fuyuka... Heh" Nagumo Teasing Takashi.

Takashi Onigiri:"Shut-Up Nagumo" Takashi Said Whith No Exppresion And Calmley.

It Was Freezing When They Were Near Sun Garden. Then They Reached Home.

Nagumo Haruya:"Were Back!" Nagumo Said.

All:"Welcome Home!"Everyone Said.

To Be Continued....Link To Chapter 7:Snowy Day Chapter 7

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