Hi Its Me Again And Thanks To Mika-Chan And Kotoni~x For Surpporting Me Well Enjoy!

Characters(For Chapter 5)

Takashi Onigiri

Nagumo Haruya

Kiyama Hiroto

Midorikawa Ryuuji (Mentioned)

Saginuma Osamu (Mentioned)

Suzuno Fuusuke (Mentioned)

Day 5

After Takashi Introduce Himself,He Studied In Class And After That They Went Home

Takashi Onigiri:" Hey Nagumo,I Didn't See Suzuno,Midorikawa Or Saginuma." Takashi Asking Nagumo

Nagumo Haruya:"Oh,That Cool-Headed,Green Ice-Cream-Haired,And Mister-Ponytail Are In Different Class Than Us,There In Class B3, And They Went Home Already." Nagumo Said While Teasing Suzuno,Midorikawa And Saginuma.

Takashi Onigiri:"Well,You Sure Like To Call People Names Nagumo."Takashi Siad to Nagumo

Kiyama Hiroto:"Hey,We Still Have A Bunch More Time Left,Soo... Lets Go Check The Pitch." Hiroto Said

They All Agreed And Went To The Pitch And Then,Takashi Saw A Beautiful Purpled Hair Girl,Takashi's Eyes Then Widen.

Takashi Onigiri:"W-Who's That!?"

To Be Continued....

Sorry For Such A short Chapter But I Ran Out Of Ideas.. Well Hope You Enjoy Seya! Link To Chapter 6:Snowy Day (Chapter 6)--Inazuma11--- fangirlxxx123### 06:01, March 18, 2012 (UTC)

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