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Characters (For Chapter 4)

Takashi Onigiri

Kira Hitomiko

Kiyama Hiroto

Midorikawa Ryuuji

Saginuma Osamu

Nagumo Haruya

Suzuno Fuusuke

Day 4

As Takashi Helped Saginuma Up,Everybody Was Shocked Of Takashi Skills.

Saginuma Osamu:"Are You Sure You Never Played Soccer Before? I Mean Your Dribbiling Was Great!" Saginuma Complementing Takashi.

Kiyama Hiroto:"Yeah! Your The Second One To Break Saginuma's Drill Smasher!" Hiroto Said.

Takashi Onigiri:"Second?" Takashi Said,Confused.

Midorikawa Ryuuji:"Yeah, The First One Was Goenji Shuuya!" Midorikawa Explaining To Takashi

Takashi Onigiri:" Oh, I See, Oh! And Well I Heard About Soocer When I Was Traveling To Find A Home, So I Practice For Some Time Heh!.

Kiyama Hiroto:"Oh.. No Wonder Your So Good!

Suddenly,Hiroto,Midorikawa,Saginuma And Takashi Heard A Clapping, It Was From Hitomiko.

Kira Hitomiko:" Well Done,VERY Well Done." Hitomiko Said, Still Clapping.

Kira Hitomiko:"I Have Announcement, Tomorrow, I Bet You Know That You Have School Tomorrow, And After School I Want You To Come Back Here As Fast As You Can I Have Another Announcement.Understand?I All Ready Told Everybody Else Ok? All Right That's All For Now." Hitomiko Said, Explaining To Everyone.

Takashi Onigiri:"W-WAIT WHAT! WE HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW!!?" Takashi Said Panicking.

Midorikawa Ryuuji:"Geez, Calm Down Takashi! Since Your The New Kid,You Wont Get In Trouble. Ok?" Midorikawa Said,Explaining And Calming Down Takashi.

Takashi Onigiri:"Oh! Well Thats A Relief!" Takashi Said Calm Now.

Saginuma Osamu:"Well, We Better Sleep, If Not You'll Wake Up Late For School." Saginuma Said Explaining To Everybody.

Takashi Onigiri:"That Reminds Me, What Time Does School Starts?" Takashi, Asking Everybody.

Kiyama Hiroto:"Dont Worry, Onii-San Is Going To Drive To Us School, But You Better Ride With Her First. On Our First Visit To School She Drove Us To School So We Know Were The School is To Walk There But Anyways, Its Starts 7Am But Class Starts 7:50Am. Ok?"Hiroto Explaining To Takashi.

Takashi Onigiri:"Oh! Thanks For The Advice Hiroto!" Takashi Said, Thanking Hiroto

Kiyama Hiroto:"No Promblem." Hiroto Welcomed Takashi.

Midorikawa Ryuuji:"Now Thats Done, Lets Sleep! Im Quite Sleepy Now" Saying Yet Yawning At Same Time.

Saginuma Osamu: What About Dinner?

Midorikawa Ryuuji:" Oh! I Forgot! Lets Hurry And Ahhhhh..... Sleep" Midorikawa Said And Yawning Again.

They All Agreed And Went In Inside From The Winter-Breezy-Snow To Eat For Dinner.


Suzuno Fuusuke:"Ahhhh.. That Was A Good Dinner Well Good Night Everyone! Suzuno Said Sleeply To Everyone

All:"Good Night!" Everyone Replying To Suzuno's Saying.


Takashi Onigiri:"Ahhh... Hope Im Not Late For School." Takashi Waking Up Hoping Not To Be Late For School.

Midorikawa Ryuuji:"Your Just In Time!" Midorikawa Said Happily.

After Takashi Took A Bath, He went To School With Hitomiko.

Kira Hitomiko:"Remember Takashi!" Kira Remembering Takashi to come Home Fast.

Takashi Onigiri:"Yeah, I'll Remember!" Replying To Hitomiko.

After Hitomiko Left,Takashi Introduce Himself In Front Of The Class.

In Class A3:

Takashi Onigiri:"Hi, My Name Is Takashi Onigiri But Call Me Takashi And Its Nice To Meet All Of You!" Takashi Said, Introducing Himself In The Class

Nagumo Haruya:"Hey New Kid....

To Be Continued....

Here The Link To Chapter 5:Snowy Day (Chapter 5)

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