Hey! Chappie 3 Is In The House! Role The Story!

Character (For Chapter 3)

Takashi Onigiri

Kiyama Hiroto

Saginuma Osamu

Midorikawa Ryuuji

Day 3

The Blizzard Had Stop And It Was Not Very Cold So they Grabed Ther Jackets And Head To The Field To Play Soccer. As They Went To The Field, Hiroto Notice, Who Would Be The Goalkeeper?

Kiyama Hiroto:"Hey We Got One Problem" Hiroto Said, Stopping Both Midorikawa And Takashi

Midorikawa Ryuuji:"What Problem?" Midorikawa Asking Hiroto

Kiyama Hiroto:"Who Would Be The Goalkeeper,? If Were Going To Play A Partice Match We Need A Goalkeeper" Hiroto Said

A Dark Figure Then Appeared And Said:"I Will Be The Goalkeeper" It was None Other Than Saginuma

Saginuma Osamu:"Its Been A While" Saginuma Said Smirking Friendly

Everybody Was Shocked Well... Not Everybody

Takashi Onigiri:"Ummmm... Dont Mind My Rudeness But... Who Are You?" Takashi Asking Saginuma

Saginuma Osamu:"Oh! Pardon Me, My Name Is Saginuma Osamu But Call Me Saginuma, You Must Be Takashi Onigiri, Am I Right?" Saginuma Said While Holding His Hand Out To Shake Hands With Takashi

Takashi Onigiri:"Wow Words Spread Fast In Sun Garden" Takashi Said As He Shook Has With Saginuma

Midorikawa Ryuuji:"Alright!! Lets Play Soccer! Midorikawa Said Happily

Everybody Agreed And They Played Soccer

Kiyama Hiroto:" But Who's The Forward,Midfielders And Defender?" Hiroto Aksed Again

Midorikawa ryuuji:"Il Be The Midfeilder" Midorikawa Said

Kiyama Hiroto:"Il Be The Defender" Hiroto Said

Saginuma Osamu:"And I Will Be The Goalkeeper" Saginuma Said

Takashi Onigiri:"I Guess I Would Be The...Foward?" Takashi Said Nervously As He Never Played Soccer Before.

Midorikawa Ryuuji:"Mmmmhmph Yup, Is That Ok With You Takashi?" Midorikawa Asksed Takashi

Takashi Onigiri:" Yeah I Dont Mind At All" Takashi Said

Midorikawa Ryuuji:"Alright! With That Settled, Lets Play Soccer!" Midorikawa Said Happily


The Match Begin With Midorikawa's Kickoff, Midorikawa Then Pass It To Hiroto.

Midorikawa Ryuuji: Hiroto Pass It To Takashi!" Midorikawa Said, Enjoying The Match

Kiyama Hiroto:" Yeah, Takashi! Go For It!" Hiroto Said, Enjoying The Match Aswell

Hiroto Then Passed The Ball To Takashi Who Was Dribbiling The Ball Very Well.

Saginuma Osamu:" Woah! Your Good Takashi, Now Shoot!"

Takashi Onigiri W-What! S-shoot I Just Started Playing Soccer!" Takashi Said In Disbelief

Saginuma Osamu:" Ah, You'll Be fine Now Shoot!" Saginuma Said In A Calm Voice, Believeing Takashi To Make A Great Shoot

Takashi Onigiri:"Alright Then Get Ready!" Takashi Said

Saginuma Osamu:"Bring It!" Saginuma Said

Takashi Onigiri:"Here I Go! The Eclipse!" Takashi Said Shooting His First Hissatsu Waza, The Eclipse!

Saginuma Osamu:"Wha-What! A Hissatsu Waza Shot!?" Saginuma In Shocked,Well Hes Not The Only One Shocked Hiroto And Midorikawa Were Shocked Aswell!

Saginuma Osamu:"Drill Smasher!" Saginuma, Bringing His Catch Hissatsu Waza

Saginuma Osamu:"Wha-What Po-Power,Gah!" Saginuma Said As The Eclipse Broke Drill Smasher!

Takashi Onigiri:"I-I Shot It I Shot It!" Takashi Said Happily Full Of Joy And Then Helped Saginuma Up.

To Be Continued....

Hey 3 Chappie Is Done! i Hope You Enjoyed It! Well PEACE!! LOVE YA!--Inazuma11--- fangirlxxx123### 13:26, March 16, 2012 (UTC)

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