the characters in this story will be...

  • Sato Youko - (twins/main)
  • Sato Kotarou - (twins/main)
  • Matsumoto Kei - (sensei/supporting)
  • Terra Taiyo - ( friend/main)
  • Hotaru Hyouga - (friend/main)



" A New Fresh Start "

** The leaves being stepped by people **

??? : woah !! so this is Raimon Junior High ! the home of Soccer ! (it's bigger here than i pictured it )

??? : now is not the time to space-off Youko ! we have to hurry or else will be late !

Youko : c-coming Kotarou ! ( hello everyone, my name is, Sato Youko and that boy over there is my older twin brother named Sato Kotarou ! The reason why we transffered to Raimon is because ..... well... It was actually my brother's idea. Kotarou really loves to play soccer while I can only do is play the violin and .... pretty much that's it).

    ** They both went in a hurry to their classroom and finally, they suddenly stood still **

Youko : ....what are we waiting for Kotarou ? open the door already....

Kotarou : ehehe..g-gomen Youko it's just ..... w-well... I never felt this so excited ! //scratches head//

Youko : //evil glare// ....BAKA...... let me open it instead

** Youko went infront of Kotarou and opened the door. the two of them quickly went to the front and smiled **

Sensei : Everyone... this is the Sato Twins, do you mind if you two introduced yourselfs ?

Youko : Yo, my name is Sato Youko and i'm the youngest twin.

Kotarou : and i'm Sato Kotarou ! the oldest one ! the reason why I am here is because Raimon is known for the home of soccer ! and I'm sure that this year will be a fun year !

Student : another soccer freak ? //mutters//

Student : //yawn// i have a feeling this kid would be pretty annoying

                                            ** Youko looked at Kotarou feeling a bit worried **

Sensei : oh dear.. where are my manners, my name is, Kei Matsumoto .. but of course, call me, Matsumoto-sensei ! Now ...where shall I place you two..... // looking for a seat // ... AHA ! Kotarou-kun, please seat next to Hyouga Hotaru //points//

** Kotarou salluted and went to his seat **

Hotaru : sup man, the names, Hotaru Hyouga ... you can call me Hotaru if you want //smiles//

Kotarou : it's nice meeting you too //smiles//

Kei (Sensei) : hm... for Youko ..... oh, Youko, you can sit next to Terra Taiyo right over...there //points//

** Youko bowed her head and went straight to her seat without hesitation **

Terra : Hi ! Hi ! Hi ! it's nice to have new transfer students once for awhile ! my name is Taiyo Terra ! please call me Terra if you want too !

Youko : u-umm... o-okay //fake smile// (t-this kid.... i just hope she won't disturb me...)

** Class Finally started and 46 minutes later it was a break time. Kotarou finally made friends and went with them while Youko had no other choice but to go with Terra **

Youko : what was the reason why you wanted to be here, Terra-chan ?

Terra: thank you for asking ! you see.... i overheard that Raimon used to had very strong players since 40 years ago ... Raimon was always been on my top list and i was so glad i get to be here ! I really have to thank my father though.... He was the reason why manage to be here //smiles//

** Youko looked at Terra and she knew right away that someday, she will have a bright future **

Terra : how about you Youko-chan ? what was the reason why you came here ??

Youko : a-actually.... it's my brother //sighs// the reason why i came here is because of him...

Terra : W-WAIT.... YOUR NOT INTRESTED IN SOCCER !? //shock//

Youko : w-why would i be ? is just a sport anyways...

Terra : j-just a sport !? It's the most FUN and ENTERTAINING sport ever created !!

** Youko just agreed on whatever Terra said . They head to the soccer field and saw the whole team **

Terra : //mesmorize// wahhhh I wish i could join the team !!

Youko : do know you can ....right ?

Terra : b-but ...i'm not really that confident with my soccer skills and--

Youko : it dosen't matters ... all it matters is when you really love soccer right ? if you love soccer, you know that you can be strong !

                               ** Terra felt mesmorize on what just Youko said **

Terra : ........y-your right Youko ! if i love soccer in the deep of my heart, i can be strong enough to face anyone ! come on !

** Terra dragged Youko with her in the field **

Terra : excuse me !! i would like to join the club please !

** the Captain looked at Terra and to You **

Captain : do know this is the soccer club, right ?

Terra : that's right ! i have alot of confidence i know for sure that i can do it !

Captain : hehe.. i like how the way you talk kid, alright ... my name is, Tsubasa Fujimoto. The captain of the Raimon team. and you are ?

Terra : my name is Terra Taiyo ! and i'm willing to join the club however it takes! //confidence//

Youko : ...........oh what ? me too ? name is Sato Youko and i'm not intrested---

Tsubasa : Sato ? so your the twin sister of Kotarou! this will be intresting ! Well then .... congrats you two ! you are now officially part of the Raimon soccer team !




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