Shiro "Hot Head" Karyoku Is A First Year In Sailor Star Academy.She Is 11 Years Old.


Karyoku Has Short Brown Hair,Pale Skin And Black Eyes.Her Causal Clothes Consits A Dark Purple Hoddie With Black Sleeves,Dark Blue Pants And Orange And White Stripes With Wings On The Shoes.She Never Lets The Hood Down.Unless Shes In The Field.


Shes Hotheaded,Excited,Ambitious,Kind And Loud Girl.She Dosent Underestimet Her Opponest Easily And Searches For A Tactic Everywhere On the Field.She Sometimes Can Be A Little Loud When Needed To (Example:Waking up The Boys) She Sometimes Get Over Excited But Is Helpfull To Other People.Overall She Is Kind And Smart.


[SH] Apollo Flare Gun

[SH] Ionic Gate Destoryer

[SH] Flash Devastator

[OF] Blind Run

[DF] Shine Aurora

Trivia And Notes

  • The Hissatsus Are Incompleted.Please Wait
  • This OC Is Created FULLY By Me
  • Feel Free To Use Her,But ask Me First!
  • The Pic Will Be Up Soon(None Colered Yet)
  • Her First Name Means "White".While Her Last Name Means "Firepower".When You Put That Together.You Get "White Firepower"

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