Wassabii Minna!

This is a new fanfic made my me.It goes around Season two,but it has more excitement and more thrillers.I also make kind of my own story of it...


Let my cold wind flow in your heart 12:17, April 25, 2012 (UTC)

Chapter one:Meet Alius Academy!

Kazemaru:We did it!We won!We won the Football Frontier!

Endou:It's not over yet!The Internationals start for about a month!Lets keep training,get better and better,and make sure we all are getting to the Frontier!


They arrive at Raimon.Aki,Ichinose and Domon get a call to come to Kirkwood.

Ichinose:Endou,we gotta go!Nishigaki and the others are hurt!

Endou:Ok Ichinose,i trust you to them!

Ichinose and co. travel to Kirkwood.Meanwhile,The Raimon Team comes across a broken schoolbuilding and fallen veterans.Something worse happened.Something really,really worse.

Endou:Our school!The Veterans!

Furukabu:We're sorry,Endu...

Biruda:Even Fire Rooster did'nt work...

Kazemaru:Fire Rooster did'nt work!?

Ikari:None of our shots...

Endou:But who were you facing?

???:It was us!

???:Captain,why are we revealing ourselves so quick?

???:Shut up Galileo.

???:You too Riimu.Reize wants to talk.

Reize:Thanks Diam.

Endou:What are that weird names with!?What are you,Aliens!?

Diam:That is a corrected answer.Maybe your not completely worthless...

Haruna:Aliens do'nt exist!

Haruna talked with a higher voice,as if something was wrong.

Kidou:She's right!

Riimu:Pathetic beings.Be ready to be destroyed.ASTRO BREAK!

Endou:Majin Za Han-GAH!


Endou:This thing...Its so heavy...They kick it as normal balls...

Galileo:Be ready to be destroyed!I can even stop a Meteor with my hands!

Diam:I am Gemini Storm's Ace Striker,Diam!

Riimu:And i am their Second Striker,Riimu!

Reize:And at last,i am their captain,Reize!

Endou:What did you do to the Veterans!?

Diam:We played Sakka.

Gouenji:Sakka is'nt ment for hurting people!

Riimu:Of course it does.

Endou:We are Raimon High!Wich school are you actually!?

Reize:Lets say...Alius Academy!

Gemini Storm Appears~

Gemini Storm!

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