Sana 'Lisa' Lii is an orphan who lives in Churippu No Sogen Orphanage.

She is 6 years old, and is a student at Rozuu~oru Elementary.

In GO!, she's a Sixth-Year at Sailor Star Academy.


Sana Lii 1

Lii's appearance

Lii has chin-length, chestnut hair that always seems to be slightly messy. Her bangs almost reach her nose, but are swept to the side, covering a bit of her right eye. Her eyes are quite big and 'sparkly', and are coloured light brown.

Her casual wears consists of a short-sleeved pink t-shirt with a small boquet of flowers pictured on it. She also wears a plain-pink mini-skirt and light-pink school-shoe-type velcro-strapped shoes.


一緒に夜の空を手に手の高騰なので、微妙に浮くだろう... 08:54, June 2, 2012 (UTC)

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