Sakka Tanken
First appearance
Created by Ozora Tsubasa
Voiced by
Team/s Dākusākasu
Element Wind
Number 1
Position Goalkeeper
Full Names Sakka Tanken
Japanese Name 作家 短剣
English Name Mickey Throwers
Nickname/s Tanken
Age 14
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives
School/Class Dākusākasu

Sakka Tanken (作家 短剣,) is a Goalkeeper of Dākusākasu. His father is a Knife thrower under the contol of Kurai Okane.


He is large and has short dark Hair. Only at his temples a few have shoulder length. His eyes look very tired and he has dark circles. He wears the Dākusākasu Goalkeeper Uniform.


He is very impolite and does everything to get the opponent stir up. Piero and Taken are good friends to each others and they belive in the other ones powers, although Taken doesn't have a keshin. He also is fond of writing.



  • His Surname Sakka means Artist, while his first name means Dolch.
  • His name aswell as his Hissatsu reminds of his fathers Job at the circus.

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