Sakimura Aoi

Aoi sakimura

咲村 葵
Sakimura Aoi
Character Information
  • Aoi-san (葵さん)
  • Onee-chama (お姉ちゃま)
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 160 cm
Weight 48 kg
Blood Type B
Birthday September 12
Birthplace Tochigi Prefecture
Nationality Japanese
  • Kirito (霧人、father)
  • Nadeshiko (撫子、mother)
  • Yuki (夕貴、younger brother)
  • Hiroshi (裕史、younger brother)
Seiyuu Sakamoto Maaya (坂本 真綾)
Player Information
Position MF
Element Water
Number 29
Student Information
School Umi no Tenshi Academy
Raizza Shimono

ライザ しもの

Fanfiction Appearances
(CotD) モメンティandメモリー
Aoi Sakimura (咲村 葵、Sakimura Aoi) is a Character of the Day set to appear in モメンティandメモリー series. She is a college student in Umi no Tenshi Academy's university building, taking a course in culinary arts.


She has dark violet hair and deep-blue eyes, both of which she is named after. She has average height and weight for her age.

She is described with a refined air about her and is very ladylike. She is very particular with what she wears, probably because she grew up in a controlled environment.


Her most prominent trait is her finely-trained manners. She never steps out of lines when it comes to conversations or even meals. She is described as "ladylike" and very "mature" and "could easily pass off as a proper adult" according to most students. She can also be described as "a good mother-figure" to others.

She is not athletically-inclined, and in fact has little knowledge of any kind of sport. She is an honor student, finishing in 3rd place during her high-school years.

She knows how to cook, but because of her family being a wealthy one, she doesn't know if she is good or not, because her father keeps her out of doing any housework. She is also very controlled when it comes to handling money.


She is a scion of the Sakimura Family, much like Zenjitsu Ruika. In fact, the two had met a few times during formal events their respective families are asked to attend to, but since Ruika is two years younger than her, she is not familiar with Aoi.

At an early age, she was taught to play the piano, as well as how to handle things financially. Despite this, she rarely plays the piano (unless she is asked to).

She is 3-A's trainee-co-adviser and helps them with handling their money, seeing as their treasurer handles it poorly.

Family Members

  • Father - Sakimura Kirito (咲村 霧人)
  • Mother - Sakimura Nadeshiko (咲村 née 鈴本 撫子)
  • Younger Brother - Sakimura Yuki (咲村 夕貴)
  • Youngest Brother - Sakimura Hiroshi (咲村 裕史)


  • Her name Aoi was chosen because of her two main features: her bright-violet hair which were similar to the colors of a special variety of a hollyhock, as well as her eyes, which are blue, which are both "aoi" in Japanese.

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