All about Name: Sagnik GHOSH

Japanese Nickname: masume

English Name: Nick phoeneix

English Nickname: phoeneix,blaze boy

Blood:1/4 American, 3/4 Indian

Gender: male


Skin: Similar to taijiri's skin
School: Emerald Stones School (unknown Japanese translation), but later transferred to Hurrican school. He is third year; though he is young but very smart and total hot head

Age: 12

Element: Fire

Plot Overview

He will appear in fanfiction, Hidden Past of Endou Mamoru! He is shown to be close to most of his teammates.

He is none other than a forward on the old team of Endou and the closest friend of Endou during the time they were young. But soon his father transfered him to Emerald stones school however he will come once again back to the town to save endou from the dark cycle.Though he himself is a member of dark cycle.He makes an strong resemblence to taijiri



Blaze wall - DefenseHissatsu

Burning fire strike - Shoot Hissatsu

Spining shoot - shoot Hissatsu


"i dont care about you or you or anyone but the thing i care about is being strong."

"I will be never not now or ever"

"You've Fired me Up !!!"

Sagnikthegreat 06:52, August 11, 2011 (UTC)

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