Ryuu Valcrux
Ryuu Valcrux
First appearance Finding friends
Created by Hikari
Voiced by Jun Fukuyama

Aaron Dismuke
Valshe(singing voice)

Team/s Black Hawks
Element Wind
Number 7
Position Midfielder
Full Names Ryuu Valcrux
Japanese Name ヴぁーるくるくす 龍
English Name Ryuu Valcrux
Nickname/s -
Age 14
Birthdate 18 July
Birthplace Barcelona
Nationality Spanish
Notable Relatives -
School/Class Ravendale Academy, 2C
Music is my life. That is, until I found out about soccer.

–Ryuu Valcrux, in Legend of the Black Hawks

Ryuu Valcrux is a character that appears in the fanfic "Legend of the Black Hawks". He plays as a midfielder for the Black Hawks.


Ryuu has a great resemblance to Len Kagamine, a VOCALOID, mainly because the creator wanted to have a boy with a lot of fangirls and someone who could sing, so here he is; Ryuu Valcrux! He has blonde hair and has most of the headphones on, even in the matches. His eyes are lightblue, and he has a tanned skin. He wears the Ravendale Academy Uniform, and if not wearing that, he wears the Black Hawks soccer uniform, or the tracksuit of the team.

His casual clothes consists out of a green-bluish vest with a cream-colored shirt with an orange pattern beneath it, blue shorts and blue socks with an orange line at the upper part. His shoes are light-blue and have green soles. On his left hand he wears an orange wristband.


  • [SH] Pianissimo
  • [SH] Calando
  • [OF] Niente
  • [OF] Decrescendo
  • [DF] Morendo


  • "Your smile...your laugh...they're beautiful. I wish you'd do them more often."

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