Ryuu dark

ryuu dark

About him

Ryuu dark
First appearance
Created by gavinmatsukaze01
Voiced by gavinmatsukaze01
Element ice,dark
Position GK
Full Names Ryuu kaito dark
Japanese Name Ryuu kaito dark
English Name Anthony jonathan smith
Nickname/s the goalkeeper of the dragons
Age 16
Birthdate 5.3.94
Birthplace japan
Nationality japanese
Notable Relatives ayumi: cousin sister
Family mother: Azami dark

father: Hideki dark brother: Sasuke dark

School/Class Kakumei Gakuen/2nd year
Ryuu is Sasuke dark elder brother , Ryuu started playing soccer after seeing his brothers passion for soccer and eventually became a goalkeeper,ryuu learnt his first hissatsu in his first match against his friends all his friend did not know hissatsu , but his friend called mamoru used the hissatsu fire tornado at him, ryuu did not know what to do , but his heart was yelling in his eres save the goal no matter what!" and in that point he yelled "Akuma no te" and he held his hand out in front of his hand a huge red hand with nails caught the ball.


He is kind and cold, he is quite and dark just like his brother, mostly if u even tell him a big life and death news he will take it camly and solve the problem, he loves his brother a lot

Ryuu's best goal defence move

one day when ryuu was training he asked his friend mamoru to help him make a goal keeping hissatsu , mamoru ( ryuu's friend) gave him his hissatsu each time when he used to try he used to fail when mamoru knew he wouldnt awake his hissatsu like this ,mamoru used his keshin and kicked the ball, again that voice started screaming in his head "u have to defend it!" ,ryuu screamed and a big dragon which was black and had flames sorrounding the dragon was flying above his head he screamed "Densetsu no doragon no te" and the dragon crashed into the ball and ryuu caught it like it was a piece of cake.


Goal keeping moves

Akuma no te

Densetsu no doragon no te

Ryū no kyōen


doragon tsurugi no akuma-shin