Hey! Here's chapter three~

DISCLAIMER - I own nothing other than the fanfic. Inazuma Eleven belongs to Level-5 and any songs that may be used or referred to in this fanfic belong to their respective owners.

This chapter is from Burn's POV.

Chapter Three - Stumble and Fall

Burn waded through the lush greenery and tried to run. He couldn't pick up enough speed to run properly, there were branches, twings, logs and other obstacles everywhere making him stumble and fall. The sunlight couldn't get through the thick leaves of the trees, making it seem extremely dark and cold. Blood ran down his front and arms, some of the cuts intentional others not. Burn was sick of his life. All he did was get pushed around by everyone and constantly get into fights with Gazelle. He suddenly froze Gazelle... Burn instantly partly regretted leaving. He would miss Gazelle and he knew Gazelle would discover his bathroom sooner or later...How would Gazelle react? Would he just be depressed for the rest of his life? Or would he come looking? Burn didn't know which he preferred. Gazelle being depressed meant that the silver-haired boy would simply act as if Burn had been kidnapped or something. But if he came looking, Burn would know he truly cared - but there was also the possiblity of the ice-captain coming across the fire-captain's dead body... Urgh! Why was life so hard?! Why couldn't it be you're just born, have a nice normal life, then die? Burn groaned and fell to the floor. He held up his arms and examined them. He had cut them deeply, and blood was flowing down his arms and staining his white t-shirt. His ankles and lower legs were also cut and scratched from walking through the forest. If he was at Sun Garden, Hitomiko would be dealing with his injuries and Gazelle would be by his side scolding him for being reckless, but still have a worried and sad look in his eyes. Burn thought about going back, but then he re-considered. Gazelle would lecture him for hours whilst Midorikawa watched with a scared expression and Hiroto gently chuckled and watched with an I-told-you-so look. Saginuma would probably laugh at him a bit and actually say 'I told you so, you shouldn't be so stupid' and Ulvida would help out with bandagind him up. Woa...he knew way too much about these people - he actually knew how they would react! Burn sighed and got up. He began to treck in a random direction, continuing his journey.

To Be Continued...

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