Here's chapter one of my first Burn x Gazelle fanfic~

WARNING - Violence, possible blood, swearing and yaoi. Also, each chapter is titled and each title will be found somewhere in the fanfic~ How about making a game of finding it? Try to be the first to comment the sentence with the title in and the sentence before it.

Chapter One - An Empty Bed, An Open Window

"Good morning" muttered Gazelle sleepily as he took his place next to Saginuma at the kitchen table

"Morning" replied Hiroto, buttering himself some toast

"Gooooooooood morning!" sang Midorikawa, happily pouring Coco Pops into his bowl

"Where's Burn?" Hitomiko asked, turning her head away from the stove (where she was cooking egg, bacon and sausages) and glancing at the empty seat on Gazelle's left side

"Probably still asleep" sniggered Ulvida, spooning liberal amounts of sugar onto her bowl of caramel Krave.

"I'll wake him up" sighed Gazelle, rising from his seat and making his way up the stairs towards Burn's room. When he reached Burn's bedroom door (that Burn had painted bright red) and knocked loudly

"Wake up, tulip-dude!" Gazelle called, hammering on the oak door "If you sleep for much longer, you'll miss the fried food and be stuck with cereal or porridge". No reply.

"WAKE UP!" Gazelle yelled, hammering harder. Still no reply.

"That's it!" Gazelle huffed, opening the door and storming into the room. He expected to see Burn tangled in a mass of blankets and pillows, but he didn't. The room was empty. All except for an empty bed and an open window. All the lights in the room were off, including in the bathroom which proved he wasn't in there.

"Burn?" Gazelle called "Burn?! Where are you?!"

To be continued...

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 22:06, April 14, 2012 (UTC)

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