Hi guys! Here's chapter four of 'Run'. This fanfic goes back to Gazelle and the cliffhanger ending of chapter two...

Chapter Four - A Knife...

Where was Burn? What if he was hurt? What if he had been kidnapped? What if he...what if...what if he was....dead?

Gazelle shook his head to banish that thought, and set to finding out where Burn could've gone. He apprahensively approached the bathroom, and slowly opened the door. He nervously stepped inside and felt an arrow in his heart when he saw the room - blood.

There was a stained towel on the floor, next to the scarlet-filled sink. Gazelle trembled and looked around the disturbing bathroom, and his gaze fell onto something...

A knife.

It was stained with blood and glistened horribly in the light from the open window. The long blade was sharp and deadly, it made Gazelle shudder. He then turned his gaze to the window. It was open fully, the glass cracked a bit and the silk curtains were dyed scarlet. Gazelle swallowed hard, then apprahensively approached the window and looked out. He gasped in releif when he saw that Burn wasn't on the ground below, but he still could have jumped...

"Burn..." Gazelle whimpered "Why...?"

But then he realized - Burn could still be alive!

There was a slim possibility that Burn survived the knife and the jump, but Gazelle seized the hope and turned it into determination.

He would find Burn.

Gazelle set to work finding clues. Anything that could help him find Burn's whereabouts, but he found nothing. Absolutely nothing. There wasn't anything that could help, or was there?

Gazelle ran back into Burn's room and looked around desperately. YES! He'd found what he was looking for -

A note.

To Be Continued...

There's chapter four guys! I'm really excited about this now so I'm gonna start chapter five right now! Please comment! I hope you enjoyed it!~

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 17:40, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

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