Hiya! Here's chapter five already! Yay!~ I'm randomly really hyper so this may be rushed and there may be grammar mistakes, sorry.

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Chapter Five - Dear Fuusuke...

Gazelle set to work finding clues. Anything that could help him find Burn's whereabouts, but he found nothing. Absolutely nothing. There wasn't anything that could help, or was there?

Gazelle ran back into Burn's room and looked around desperately. YES! He'd found what he was looking

f'''''or -

''A note.''

Gazelle walked over to Burn's desk. It was usually messy and covered in homework that was due at least a month ago, but now it was organized and clean. The note was placed neatly in the center of the desk, with Burn's favorite crimson gel-pen (that Gazelle had given him for his 13th birthday) placed next to it. The writing was surprisingly neat, but that wasn't what shocked Gazelle most. What was?

It was addressed to him.

But it didn't say 'To Gazelle' as Gazelle expected it to. It said 'Dear Fuusuke'. Gazelle couldn't remember the last time he was called 'Fuusuke' or 'Suzuno' by anyone, and he was shocked that the first person to say his real name in over five years would be Burn. Hastily shoving away his thoughts, he began to read the note -

Dear Fuusuke,

As you've probably seen by now, I left Sun Garden. I just couldn't take it anymore, I lost the will to live.

You've probably seen my bathroom by now, I'm sorry you had to. I won't bother telling you where I am because I'll be dead by now, and I want least of all for you to go through seeing me in the state I'm in.

I'm sorry I had to leave, but it was all too much. I'm going to miss you a lot, Fuusuke-kun.

I'm sorry we had to say goodbye this way, but I just couldn't tell you.

My dear Fuusuke, I've always loved you and forever will love you.

Goodbye forever, my love

Nagumo Haruya

Gazelle dropped to his knees in silent sobs.

Burn was gone...

Or so he thought...

To Be Continued...

There you go guys, chapter five!!

I hope you enjoyed, please comment!

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